A new Vortex is coming

My handle is Vortexkicker.

I am 31.

I had a full day of loneliness and I realized that I am believing a lot of false ideas.

  1. First, i believe that I need a woman to make me happy. As I keep hearing it that is a lie.

  2. Second, I need validation from women to prove to myself, that I’m worthy of love. Also false.

  3. I keep thinking negative of myself because i keep hating my life. Well, if i stop using my phone and go outside more, maybe life will be better.

  4. Believing that living with my parents because I care for my very ill father and my mom cares for him too, is a horrible thing and all women are turned off because of this. As There are responsibilities only I do.

  5. That God wants me to have a lonely life. There is a Bible verse that says that all that happens is the will of the Lord. That bothers me sometimes.

  6. I need to accept that I may never obtain a girlfriend and I should learn to be ok with that.

  7. I need to glorify God instead of myself.


I am glad I wrote this.

Even with a recent relapse, this statement has helped me feel better.


Amen brother, very, very well said! I’m glad you’re opening up to God. Where there’s a will there’s a way man. Follow God’s will. I believe in you my friend.

I’m glad you realize it’s not true. You’re genuine and capable of a lot the way I see it. If any woman doesn’t see you for who you are, then that’s on them not you. When you feel better, which you will soon, a lot of people would be attracted to your confidence without you having to do much. Just understand that the devil tries to make us feel bad about ourselves sometimes, he succeeds sometimes too. But it is not who you are. You have love to give and sooner or later, you’ll find someone who needs the love you have to offer. And she’ll give you hers in return!!!


I appreciate very much what you have said.

Involving women though, the reson why im trying to accept that i may be single forever is because of 2 things.

  1. First every woman i met online wants money. And i mean every single time i got a message from a woman, they always ask for money, especially as a way to visit me.

Just to be clear, I live far away from anything and this brings me to my 2nd reason.

  1. Every woman i meet in person says she has a boyfriend. That is 100 percent of the time. There are literally zero single woman in a 60 mile radius in any direction.

So, i figure i should accept my permanent singleness and not be worried about it.


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