A new change in my mind and i dont know

So i had a dream few days ago
In that dream i was watching p**n in a dark room alone
Suddenly everything changed
And all my surroundings changed into a party
A girl came to me
She was daamn so beautiful
She said lets dance
We stayed together and we talked alot and all that time i was holding her hand
You know what she told me?
She said “Ye mat dekho varna mai tumhe kabhie nahi milungi”
It means" Don’t watch this otherwise I will never meet you "

Damn it was just a dream and i m still in shock :rofl::joy:


Might be your future wife coming in your dream to tell you to stop porn , lmao


I think ur brain is healing , that’s why uR brain stopped immediately while watching p**** in dreams … Just keep going .:sunglasses::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:


haha kinda funny though :joy:


Yeah I m also shocked literally what was that​:rofl::joy:

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Interesting dream :cowboy_hat_face: I hope she will come again some other day in your future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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