A necessary question

Hello, dear community! My name is Alam, I’m 24 from Mexico! :wolf:

There is a question that I would like you to answer. Altough the answer might be obvious, it would really help me to read your opinions about it.

Which are the psychological differences between masturbating and having actual sex with someone?

And which are the differences between a masturbation addict and a sex addict? Does having actual sex with actual people in a compulsive manner is in any way better than masturbating in a compulsive manner?

Thank you so much for your attention, any comment will be appreciated!

Alam :paw_prints:

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Welcome to the community brother.

This journey is not just about not doing pmo, but to rewire our brain.

To rewire our brain to a healthy and pure thoughts. Not to objectify women.

We need to develop respect for women.
And we can only do that by strict nofap, no pmo.

Even having actual sex with aggression compulsion is unhealthy and inhumane.


Answer is simple.

Masturbating is like eating polonium 210 everyday and everytime.

And Sex addicts are fuck boi they will always chase girl for sex and enjoyment.

Sex is not bad. We do it for reproduction.

Regular sex and Masturbation is same, wasting too much energy for enjoyment.


I understand and I appreciate a lot your answer and advice. This is an noble goal we have.

Alright, thank you so much for your answer. Is true, either is actual sex or masturbation, both can be equally denigrating for the mind and the body when not regulated. Hugs!

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Simple actually @Blare
Masturbation-is like having sex with yourself.

Answer this question- Is there a difference between physical assault and rape?

Yes right? Nearly every single court in the world agrees with you.

Why? Becuase sex is more than a physical thing. It’s emotional, and even spritual.
Masturbation is not.
Sex is meant to be the intimate union between a man and woman. (For Christians that’s why it’s meant only within marriage).

That’s the difference.

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