A Monks Journal

Day 1

Hi. I am planning to document my journey untill I reach 90 days of sobreity.

I am 24 years old working professional. Early 20s is supposed to be quite interesting patch in one life. But that’s not the case with me.

Its odd how lonely we have become with the advent of social media and smart phones. It’s quite depressing.

I have tried quitting porn many a times, but I have observed that usually I get bored and start getting urges. I was 11 years old when I first watched porn and it’s been almost 12 years I have been watching porn.

I have decided on some alterations to eradicate this habit. Journalling is one of them.

Please wish me luck and strength for my reboot.


I’m with you, bro!
It’s very true what you said about social media. I sometimes follow the lives of several people (not necessarily famous) but I’m alone at the end of the day. these people may be acquaintances of mine, friends, family, but few keep in touch and it’s just an illusion of company : (
(My English isn’t good, I hope it’s well written)


Hi Thanks a lot for your support and thoughts. It really means a lot to me.


Day 2

Felt good today.Also went to the gym( push day).

I am also researching on an action plan to tackle urges, though not strong now but later in 1-2 weeks they are going to intensify. I have decided on chewing gum, playing with sponge ball or watching a standup.

One interesting thing that I learned today is that the urges that kick in are actually the cravings , your body might not be recovered from the previous session, it is just the brain asking for more eventhough your body doesn’t want it.


Day 3

Went for cardio today and had a very chill day at work.

From tomorrow onwards I am planning to continue my GRE preparation mainly focusing on the verbal part first.Since I relapsed last weekend I had no energy to focus on the preparation. I went into a spiral researching on how to tackle my addiction.

Also I am planning to purchase a physical journal and start journalling for goal achievement.


Day 4

Felt little uncomfortable today, I felt urges creeping in. But got myself busy in setting up Habitica and preparing a playlist which will help in diverting my mind. I completed forgot about urges when I occupied my brain in work.

I find songs by Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and One republic to be quite effective. Weeknd is on a different echelon, it feels as if his voice descends from heaven and touches one’s heart. MJ, Queen,Elton John songs are gold.

Unfortunately I couldnt prepare for GRE. Will begin those tasks from tomorrow for sure.


Day 5

Complete 40 vocab words and went to the Gym for Back and biceps, now I am really tired.

Also urges tend to creep in during the afternoon, but I try to ignore them and get busy with some work.


I’m trying best to go out my comfort zone
This is 6 th day of no fab and it’s all going good🙃


All the best Bro ! I hope we both complete our challenges.

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Day 6

Complete 40 vocab words and had a leg day at the gym.

Felt light urges in the afternoon but was able to manage them.

Also watched King Richards with my family.