A lot of people relapsing

I have noticed a lot of people in my companion list relapsing over the weekend, including myself. (Relapsed twice since saturday). Relapse is not failure my friends. As we enter into thus New month of Febuary of 2022. Make goals! For me mine are: make it to febuary 10 (would be my new longest Streak) and relapse a maximum of three times or less. (Relapsed 4 times last month). Everyones goals will be different but those are mine for the New month. Stay strong kings! :crown: together we can all beat this addiction and move forward to long healthily lives with amazing relationships with people we love. Keep grinding and stay strong my friends!

That’s bad approach.
Don’t think too many days ahead, don’t plan your relapses.

Day by day. Don’t care about February, only today is the day when you mustn’t relapse. Who cares what’s tomorrow.


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