A lost man need help 🆘

Hello I’m a 30 years old man.
I’m trying my whole life to stop faping but I can’t stop the max days that I have reached so far is 60 days but know I can just reach 4 or 5 days max, can you guys help me with an advice or something, please my main problem is my feelings when I feel bad at work I can’t get that feeling away only if I masturbate or watched porn, can anyone how managed to do the 90 days challenge give a good routine or something, anything can help is acceptable, please!!


First of all tell me when you retrict yourself and maintain that 60 days longest days… It is really a good achievement bro… so tell me what steps you take to make that happen??

Yes it is good and you will feel happy all the time and you will always be smiling but I don’t know why I can’t do that again .

I just took a sheet table and tried to feel it and upload my daily to forums and I also took some cold showers along the way and I did that 60 days with the help of others


Ok I got it… It means if you continue that 60days nofap then you will may achieve 90 days also but when you once started your old habit it becomes so difficult to achieve that again.
I have a idea for you recently take a note that how long you will maintain that nofap… then take a challenge and just try to control yourself with one just extra day…let’s say your last resent record is 6 days then now take a challenge and try to hold yourself 7 days…
You told that when you feel bad then your triggers work then try to do this that when you feel bad then just eat a 5star bro… Just chill…
Write on your dairy daily the benefits of nofap and read the book “easy peasy way to quit porn”, “the porn pandemic” and there are lots of books you will get on internet just build a new habit to be happy like you may take martial arts class or anything… You can learn a new type of coding or anything that you want to learn.

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It’s a journey we will relapse at times but the whole point is to get back up and keep trying also it’s a learning process so every relapse make a detailed analysis of what happened in past week and how you relapsed usually there is a pattern like drinking alcohol/drugs or not getting sleep or other behaviours like did you watch any triggering material in the past days before relapsing make note of these things and whatever makes you relapse avoid that behaviour or if it’s places then avoid those places or if it’s people then avoid those people

This will require sacrifice and a lot of time maybe months or even few years but it’s not impossible always remember that and don’t quit ull fall many times but if your analysing then it’s not a fall it’s. Learning point

Don’t quit Don’t feel disheartened keep moving forward


Stay as social as possible, with real people. Identify your triggers and avoid them, replace them, or overcome them with will power. Remove this brainwashing that “sexual gratification is my most valuable thing in life” by reading hackbooks like EasyPeasy, YBOP etc. Stay physical often, try to make your life better instead of focusing on the addiction.

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