A Letter to My Junior Companion

Dear @Punisher
I am following you from past 6 months, and you havent passed even milestone of 10 days in nofap during this period. Since you are only 16 yrs old. You are a nofap Prodigy.

A person is wise if he learns from others mistakes

I was 14 yrs old when i started to fap daily.
What it gave me :

  1. Eye glasses within 1st yr. Of masturbation.
  2. Fear & social anxiety at 2nd yr.
  3. Begin to Fail in exams. Can you believe a student who was getting above 90% marks begin to Fail. 3rd year.
  4. Sleepless nights & depression . 4th year.
  5. Taken to pyschatrist. He prescribed antidepressants drugs to me. 5th year.
  6. Developed Cervival Dystonia a uncured neurological condition makes a person equal to a paralised person. Was unable to do any work. 6th year.
  7. Left my College and social life. 7th year.
  8. Erectile dysfunction. 8th year
  9. Panic Attacks… hospitalised many times 9th year.
  10. …11…
    All Problems Resolved when i found the root cause of my Tragedy life.
    I started NoFap in 2017 and it changed my life. I started to live life again.
    My feelings were back again . My 11 years of slavery .
    I am striking again & again on my chains of slavery.
    I know Days of Freedom are not far away. I have caught a glimpse of what real freedom feels like. What power is. In my short streaks of 31 days.

Along with me i want you to break your chains too Try again & again i dont want you to end like me

I had wasted my precious youth , i cant let it happen to you, my junior


Yo mann…thts the reason u r my idol…u have proved it again you are the best person to relly on. …i m not going to leave this time though how hard it becomes…i m not a slave anymore…i m the master now


Thanks @anon66785751 it’s very hard situation you are in yet you are the strongest on your own way. You have a drive for change. The day you will free I will plant a tree on your name


Nice idea ravitejj.
Hows your streak going ?