A journey of 104 days

First, let me introduce myself, because I’m new to the forum and why the diary has that name. I discovered Nofap in 2020 and since then my best streak has only lasted 21 days. I’ve never really been off the thing, I’ve had a week, two week, or just a few day streak in between. My biggest problem that comes up is procrastination and laziness. I have a lot of work, but I can’t get myself to work. Lately I’ve started feeling depressed. But I know I can fix it quickly, but only if I give 100% of myself. Right now I have the most important exam of my life in 1 week, because if I don’t pass it I will fail the class. I also train soccer, and because I’m injured I have to do hard exercises every day, or rather I’m in the process of returning to the field, so I’ll have training every day, and then I have to do also the exercises for this injury and study for the exam. And what am I doing now? I’ve been jerking off 3 times a day for the past two weeks. My mental health is at rock bottom. Why such a title? Because in 104 days I will be 17 years old and I want to fix my life by then. Every day before I go to bed, I will write in a journal to stay accountable. Thanks for reading.
Let’s go.


Best of wishes for your journey. Hope you reach your dreams and become your best version. :sparkles:


Be focus and keep going, you will achieve alot.