A game for motivation

Friends, I have a game which will be highly motivating for all of us…we are motivated here by one side i . e . app rewards, what if we add our point also. First read the game plan…

  • we will post our challenge by headline #hastag Day X

  • whosoever will come across the specific post(only titled as per above mentioned format post) not the other post, must have to either upvote or downvote that post according to below mentioned rule

    1. If the person has less day count than the challenging post he/she have to upvote or else
  1. If the person has more day count than the challenging post he/she have to downvote

  2. same day count leave them(they are your brothers :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:)

  3. point gathered by one should be posted by one in following day challenging post to show their point earned.

But before playing, kindly copy paste this and post it. So that any one come across the post of your or mine get informed. One may add some more features or fun to this game, if possible. Primarily, this game must be popularised in this Forum…

I only deal with Message board, kindly who are active in Forum section, please acknowledge this post there for mass participation.

Whosoever is ready, start playing this game, initially few weeks may be unknown to other but eventually everyone will get know about this…

I have never asked for any up vote in my any post nor I cry for that, also it’s not matter if you get by begging. Upvote given by their one self naturally matters…

But today, I am going to ask to upvote this post to popularize this post for game participation…

Good Luckimages


You are not alone, Buddy keep it up

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