A few tips I used to make my best streak ever

Hello everyone,
This is the best streak I have ever made and really found a few simple tips or tricks to help everyone overcome this addiction.
Because I don’t have much experience in making long posts so I have made the points very brief. In case someone doesn’t understand, the person can ask me and I will write that particular point in detail. Again thanks to the makers of this app the moderators of this app and the amazing community which helped me reach till this point.
Never relapse again by these tricks -
Don’t stress yourself

  1. Stay away from perfectionism
  2. Don’t think about small edging
  3. Transmute your energy in several tasks
  4. Don’t be sedentary and go out of your house
  5. Get rid of the beauty fallacy and stop perceiving women’s
    parts or gestures as arousing or sexual.
  6. Live the best of your journey and don’t focus on an aim this means instead of looking at day 90 or more simply live each day live each second.
  7. Don’t beleive in people who appreciate or compell you to masterbate or watch porn. They are simply manipulating you so that they can suppress you.
  8. Maintain self-discipline by writing the things you want to follow on a paper or diary and reading them again. This reinforces the will and ambition to follow the rules.
  9. Don’t expect urges to be calm and world to be happy because the urges or not emotions but more than that, they come in the form of compulsions and giving upto them regardless of the fact to what kind of urges you gave up will only end you up depressed. Secondly we were born in pain because water, food and nutrients in the form of blood go around in our body piercing through our muscles. Our bones move around pulling the muscles. Pain is true and happiness is nothing but loss of pain so to be happy remove the sources of pain from your life and stay calm and neutral when inevitable suffering like sickness or something else comes to you.
  10. Don’t skip exercises and workouts, because mental fortitude is essentially made up by them alongwith strength. I also recommend that one should run daily in the morning to keep his body fit. During nofap you would need high amount of will power and self-control + self-discipline to not relapse.
  11. Socialize with people and often spark conversations with strangers, this will help you overcome fear and anxiety. It will boost your confidence.
  12. Sit in the sun daily, because when we sit in the sun at that very time we are calm and our mind is bit balanced. This will help you in early stages of meditation.
  13. Lastly Don’t speak lies, don’t procrastinate, don’t envy anyone. Because all these thoughts increase hatred inside your mind and soon you will succumb to self-hatred. Also try not get angry and overreact because it will demoral your character in front of people.

Know of the devil and stay away from it, I am not saying don’t look at girl, I am saying look at her passionately and don’t relate sex or masterbation with her or her figure. This is an important tip, don’t relate porn with masterbation and masterbation with pleasure. Don’t relate porn with novelty or happiness. Try to relate other things such as studying or playing se sport with happiness. Try to relate or connect your passion with happiness and tell yourself that your passion is the only source of happiness in your life.

That’s it guys now I expect some doubts and if you have a streak over 15 days then congratulations because that means you have somewhat overcome the addictive behavior towards pmo keep up everyone!!


This is really helpful brother, thanks a lot.


These things can be really impactful if applied regularly. Nice post👍


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