A endless journey

I’ve been in the no fap journey for 2 years and my highest streak was only 20 days, it’s really frustrating that I’ve been trying so hard and my results are not that good, but I’ll never give up and I really want to complete this journey.
I’ve tried a lot of strategies to win this batter, however I wasn’t successful with them, so now I’ll try another strategy which is report all my struggles and successes in this journey. Maybe it will make me more motivated and I’ll thing twice before I relapse…
Anyway here’s my journal of my no fap journey


have you ever revealed to anyone things your ashamed and humiliated of?

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Yes, I talked to a friend about it…

did he relate or just give crap reply?

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He was very supportive, encouraged me to quit porn and also said that he’d be for me when I need him… Talk to him was one of the best thing that I did…