A Double Life: Not a cool one though

  • PMO does result in a double life. A life where you are pathetic, sad, depressed and lonely on one side and the fake perfect guy/girl you pretend to be on the other side
  • I for one, hate it. I hate being fake. I wanna say confidently that “PMO? Nah I don’t do that shit” for real.
  • Not getting girls isnt the problem. How you view women is. PMO makes view women as objects who have no soul or opinion. Its wrong.
  • PMO will beat you down, strip you off your happiness and piss on you. Why do you think people say they got “Superpowers” while on nofap?
  • Look, Nofap will teach you to love yourself (no pun intended).it will teach you to accept yourself. Thats where the superpowers come from.
  • Do no worry if you dont have a girl or any one for that matter. Nofap will make you radiate positive energy. Have patience. Dedicatd your time to nofap
  • Confidence is intimidating. Women like confidence. Nofap makes you a man. A man who isnt afraid to take chances, get rejected. Trust me, its all mind games.
  • Its a merry go round. You resist- stronger self discipline - larger streak- more confidence - Repeat
  • stop living the double life. Give up the dark one filled with porn and fap. Give your time to life of nofap, self discipline and that of a real man. Don’t be a bitch to your urges.

I agree with many of your points. But It’s not black and white. I have done fairly well with my life. Not that i am satisfied with it or content. I want to achieve greatness. And i think i will achieve it. But I don’t want to tie my confidence with nofap everytime.

I get any girl if she isn’t committed in my university. I took the toughest course in my dept last year and cleared It. And when i wasn’t able to solve it i used to sit through for hours with my problem. I have been very regular with my workout. Gym is closed in Germany for 1 year now due to lockdown so have been doing home workout. I meditate for around 1 and half hour everyday. I have good social life.

All these are with when i fap. Not everyday but i relapse. And i don’t want to lose my confidence everytime i relapse and feel low about myself and give more importance to someguy who may have done nothing but survived for 90 days. At the same time, I am not diminishing anyone who has completed 90 days. They have done a good job. I have done too in the past. But my point is different.
I have been regular with my workout and meditation for 6 years now.

So yeah I just want to say NOFap is awesome I will continuously try to get out of this habit. But don’t throw your life away just because you are relapsing. Nofap isn’t everything.

Your life shouldn’t revolve around nofap. Your life should revolve around your life goal. And i can still kick everyone’s ass in my field interest.

Also I want to add there is no formula or rule for greatness. Affirmation and visualization are modern days bulshit.

If you know Charles Bukowski he was a great writer but pathetic human being. He was addicted to alcohol and he was addicted to whore house. But he is still the great.

I know these points are unpopular opinion on a nofap forum. But takes no offense. And i don’t mind if people disagree with my some points. Everyone are free to choose their own opinion.

All the self-improvement books the secret, Atomic habits , The power of thinking big are written by the writes whom nobody will remember as a great. Elon musk doesn’t have habit. He works for 24 hour if he need to. He wouldn’t have time to do the affirmation.