A common misconception that no fapper accepts

@neveragaintw what are you doing to me now?? Stop threatening. I thought this is an open discussion forum. I told what i felt like. I put forth my opinion. Iam not saying my way is the only right way.

Seriously?? What are you seeing till now then? Why other members did not object me then?

Iam thoroughly disappointed to see your threat. I think you have difficulty to understand personalities. I speak what i feel like. If another person feels hurt i have apologized too. But you seem biased. You can block me if you want. But mind it…Iam not going to change who Iam… Iam determined to leave this pmo shit and I will do everything that it takes. I am not afraid of your threat…Iam not afraid of you blocking me. Do whatever you feel right. Iam not afraid. I understand you have issues with me.


Also fapping is not at all a normal habit. It was not practiced by ancient humans. The tribal people haven’t even heard the word fapping.
It is only the modern, dopamine addicted, weak man claim that fapping is enjoyable and good.
It would be much better if we could eradicate fapping from our life altogether.
But at the end of the day, its all a personal decision. Different people have different goals in life.
But its a fact that semen can be transmutted and can be used for creative pursuits


ah sorry I stated that wrongly. it should be “I’m still not able to reach higher streaks”.
I am definitely trying. Don’t get me wrong. My goal is not to fap, not to watch porn. For sure and never again. I still stand for my name. Just wanted to say that A LOT of changes are possible without changing how often you fap. That means at least in my case, anxiety, depression, insecurity, mental strength, clarity was clearly not really linked to pmo. If they were, than I would still feel like shit.

I didn’t want to start the riot before but I’m glad that you take Einstein into the list.
From a few asexual examples you can’t conclude that orgasm is bad. What would happen if I give you a list of womanizer or people who are known to have lots of affairs or sex?
Actually Einstein is one of the people who loved women. Elon Musk is another one.


I actually think it is. There are depictions on vases and such were people are masturbating. Some primates do it too.

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They may love woman, maybe they also would often have s** too.

But the fact remains fapping makes a man weak.

We all have fapped a lot in life. It basically means wasting our creative energy, sexual energy, reproductive energy, Ojas Shakti for the brain into toilet and tissue papers

Brother @neveragaintw , science have already proven that the unused semen will be absorbed by our body. This process is called autophagy and Mr Yoshinori Oshumi was awarded Noebl Prize in physiology in 2016.
But Iam not here for a debate. We are all friends trying to get away from fapping and pmo. Fapping in no way will help a man.
But, yes doctors also claim that fapping can be used as a great de-stressor since it will numb out Brian like any other drug.

But for us, who were addicted to pmo fapping is dangerous.

Its like giving bear to an alcoholic. This is just bear, drink it, its ok.
This is dangerous.
But its all subjective. This is just my opinion. Actually yourbrainonporn site claims that do what works for you. If you can stay away from p*** forever and fap occasionally then that’s great. They also show the negative effects of fapping too.
The best thing we can do for ourselves would be to not fap at all.


p*** is our greatest enemy.

Fapping is not. But fapping is detrimental; its a fact.
Though science won’t accept it, doctors will claim it is good.
Fapping in itself is not suitable for a man, for a leader, for a role model, or a great father.
Just my opinion :point_up_2:


I agree @Tagore
Let’s get back to the original post.

We (including the named doctor at the beginning) agree, we should stop fapping.

The concept presented was: If we relapse and we think that we are a piece of shit, we will feel bad and will not be able to be able to get rid of porn.
Actually that was a program in a European country to fight crack addiction. Instead of criminalizing them, they actually started helping them. If they used crack they didn’t make them feel even worse but went to them and offered them help, made them feel better about their life. And the number of addicted people halved.

If we additionally make us feel like shit by saying that we are weak that we are useless and what not, that just increases the spiral of addiction

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That was the message of the initial post

Agreed :handshake:
This is a mistake most of us repeat and usually only learns after a lot of experience.
We have to be compassionate to ourselves. Actually when we relapse once, only a little of our progress is lost but if we get hard on ourselves we’ll go into chaser and will destroy everything.
We all love to show compassion to others but now science have proven that actually being compassion to ourselves releases oxytocin and related hormones in Brian.
So the next time anyone of us relapses, just look at your past streak, pat on your shoulder and say to yourself: “,Iam with you man. You made this much progress. We got this. Now let’s break our old streak!” :muscle::muscle:


Totally agreed… U got a point there

Il just give my take on it. I know there are people who here who believe in science and also who don’t.

There are two aspects. One is right and one is wrong. Fapping causes you problems is right. But it doesn’t cause all of your problems

I am saying fapping doesn’t cause all your problems. But im not saying fapping is good.

There’s a difference. The point is to understand what he meant to say. @_TIGER its not cool to say the doctor is a fapper or incompetent just because he said all those things. He told what he believes in, which is science and reason. Its not a bad thing. Hes a professional and he shouldn’t and must not say just because someone else “thinks” its true that fapping causes all the problems

Truth is depression, anxiety, loneliness are caused by a bunch of different things. People who don’t fap are also depressed and feel anxiety and stuff. We use this forum so we only get to see PMO addicts who are depressed

I have a frnd of mine who doesn’t have this addiction. But hes depressed as fuck.

You don’t get a heart attack just like that. You eat junk, drink unwanted things and then u get a heart attack.

Just wanna say fapping is bad. But there are others things in life that are bad which might be causing you problems too. Why not investigate those first??

I urge everyone to atleast be open to what he was saying and dont bash at him.

@Fearless.soul I got your point and agree with u

Anything done in excess will kill you. Thats a fact. If fapping caused u depression(if u say so), then u overdid it. You are to blame. Not fap

Stop seeing things just as black and white. If life were that easy, person suffering from depression and anxiety ( due to pmo) would get better immediately without it. But thats not always. He should work on other aspects like career, relationships, lifestyle too


Well If you
Fap —> Low energy ——> Postpone the work coz of no energy ——->Next day again fapped—> Low energy —-> Work postpone——> Work gets piled up ——> Depression and Anxiety

In my case PMO lead to depression and low concentration .


Just out of curiosity… People fap to an extent that they can’t work? Do u not think the degree to which one is doing it, might be the problem?


It definitely is.
I mean, yesterday I woke up at 5am → great start
I got trapped first with youtube then with porn. I fapped from 8 until 11. So, basically the whole morning, i didn’t do any work… I think I don’t have to mention that this feels horrible :expressionless:

I think, yes, my day would have been better if I got up, fapped for 5min and started to work on my goals at 5.05 am. still would have been bad but I feel much less worse (lets formulate it this way) if I orgasm after 5min of fapping or after 3 hours of fapping. Both are bad, one feels much worse for me

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That does prove my point… There are levels to it… Anything done in excess is bad…

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This was the best advice to everyone :+1: because we usually overthink and make worse our mental health thinking repeatedly about it unnecessarily and Fall in chaser effect.


Sorry dude for pointing that out. I never knew about that. I will Google more on it. Yes I’m with you bro, fapping is a sh*t,and it literally destroy the personal auro. Great saints like swami vevaknanda,great inventor like Tesla all believed in this concept of semen retention and opening

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100% relate to it bro literally 100%
This is what happening to me from past week!
Lots of work has been piled up for me. Thats causing more stress


Edging is as dangerous as fapping. I always wonder that nothing is free in this world then why the offer P and Psubs free over internet. If they r trying to enslave us then are there any chances they might be enslaved themselves?

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I’m sorry @Dvija
I tried to look it up but i confused you with another user.
Your message was kind of similar.
it is sometimes hard to keep track.

So, it was an unfair accusation
(But it would make things easier if you would react less aggressive on topics which are a bit more liberal with hardmode nofap, don’t say that you can’t state your opinion but at least consider that there are other points of view)