A common misconception that no fapper accepts

Brothers and sisters…

After reading many books, consulting with doctors,researching on myself…I found that fapping doesn’t have any impact on focus, depression, self awarness…

It has only impact on energy loss, vitamin deficiency and erectile dysfunction…

If you are still worrying that fapping causes you depression and less concentration in work…
The medicine to the disease must be correct…
If you can’t concentrate …u meditate, if you are depressed…just share your thoughts with a friend…at extreme conditions consult a doctor…
change your mindset man

I request all other nofappers to stop saying…this fap destroyed my focus, made me jobless, made me depressed…it’s just a way to escape from your mistakes

I too was thinking that this had an impact…but I was wasting my time man

Let’s follow nofap and win together.

Best wishes.


Anyone don’t accept?


To some extent but when you are low in energy due to fapping, you feel dizzy and brain fog because excess dopamine released, hence lack of focus when withdrawal hits you when dopamine is not given to the brain that it wants.


I do not agree…

Based on my experience, fapping does really cause depression and lowers self esteem. Watching porn and fapping takes much of the concentration, and gives a high dose of dopamine to the brain. But after the act is done, dopamine level decreases rapidly and this results in depression. This is especially when a person knows fapping is bad but still does it, claiming it brings happiness, then after watching realises it was a bad decision. I was one of those people, and one motivation for me towards leaving this habit is that I know how bad I will feel after watching…

As of focus, medicinally, it decreases and gets affected due to fapping. Dopamine to the brain is essential, but a high dose of dopamine affects other parts of the brain, one of which is responsible for taking decision and self consciousness.
So, addicts will feel an improvement in decision making after a while of nofap, and sports and other factors that give normal doses of dopamine will also enhance focus and improve it.


To gain back that focus we need to meditate so and so but at the same time the dopamine addiction will keep holding you in the trap.

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without a healthy body i dont think you will be motivated or will be able to use brain either, so maybe it will affect you indirectly due to lack of vitamin and mineral. also taking balanced diet helps maintain dopamine levels because the body knows having vitamns means longer life so it releases dopamine. so it is predictable what happens when you throw them away.

also it might make someone feel bad because maybe they dont like PMO and then when they practice PMO then they dont like them selves causing a downward spiral.


I spoke with a doctor in January…
I just opened up my fap addiction to him.

He told that almost all teenagers fap…

I asked whether fapping causes depression and lack of focus.

He laughed for a minute …
He told that…

***** during the course of fapping…our conscious mind actually come to zero work mode.

Our subconscious takes in control.

So immediately after fap, what mindset we are fixing decides the next 10 hours it seems…that is our conscious mind reacts to that emotion after fap it seems…if we feel happy for that we will not get depressed and less focused it seems…

He asked me a question…

People who follow nofap are worrying daily after fap and they fall in depression.
But fappers who doesn’t follow nofap in some cases are the toppers and are happy.

He told further that…*
If I want to follow nofap and success in it…
We must apply a new technique…

The technique name is law of relaxation

If u relapsed, u must never ever worry for that…
Immediately u must find a new way to not relapse again.

U must feel happy for how much days u followed nofap.

U will see the change he told.

I applied this…
I am just 18 years old and I completed by 90th day…

All the best my nofappers


I don’t believe in these doctors . They want to make only money.

I believe in Ayurveda.


Simple psychology. Everyone likes to blame everything but themselves.


open challenge to you !! Fap 2 times per day.after 2 months we will talk in this page ! Fapping is the root cause of depression.


What a lie!!! What a shame!! What a hypocracy!! Stop this bullshit.


Thanks for the valuable information…the doctor is a fapper . In school or college they may be topper ok, but in life , in creativity , decision maker, leadership, - they can’t do well…
College grades or marks not works in real life…you can’t do anything…
If you are nofapper, your mind is always in focus mode…you know how to use your time wisely… people always give respect to you ,the background reason is you are confident due to nofap…




I hate all persons who wants to share wrong information …accept the truth -fap is a trap


That would mean I would never ask any professional because they only want to make money.
In Western culture, Ayurveda start to become one big hype and people pay lots of money for ayurvedig health advice.
what do you do for a living? Why should someone believe in your work? Why should I not say that you only do it for the money and everything you do is fake?

(sorry but as a scientist I really hate these comments because I hear all the times scientists lie because they do it for the money which is just ridiculous)


This is a great approach bro. One of the best of approaches because self compassion is very important in this journey. But fapping must always be a last resort in our life. In my case, Iam even ready to die instead of fapping.
Fapping can lead to addiction.
It’ll make you weak.
It’ll take away your energy, your masculinity, your power, your manliness. It will make you a sheep so that lions will eat you.

If you want to be a leader in society and a role model for your sons then never fap!

Semen is your strength! It is never ok to fap, but by transmutting your semen into Brian you can achieve exceptional thing in life.
Look at all the great men like A P J Abdul Kalam, Nicholas Tesla, Issac Newton


This is the best :+1::100:
You are right. Experience is greater than words. Y
Your experience is what matters not what others opinion!


I personally would to a large extend agree.
When I look back at my last 4 years, it is unbelievable how I transformed as a person. From a shy and anxious person, I am now able to lead students with confidence. From depression and wanting to kill myself, I changed to loving my life. Not being able to get up in the morning I now wake up at 5-6am and start with breakfast and meditation. So many things are going amazing. Guess what did not change?
I still relapse about 3 times a week.

Where I do agree with @Dvija during the last week, out of personal issues, I went trough a lot of issues and difficulties. That made me relapse a ton. And yes, I am a lot more tired, I have muscle twitches and I have difficulties to concentrate. I think that these are inherent and independent of how I think about relapsing. Ah and obviously forgot PIED which is clearly porn/masturbation related


By sayiing these things, they are not actually escaping from their mistakes, they are realizing that “fapping” is their mistake. And everyone of them is trying to stop it for good :smile:


If that works for you, its good brother @neveragaintw
But its a fact of life that FAPPING MAKES A MAN WEAK.
Think about Abraham Lincoln or Shakespeare or Kalidasa or Einstein- can you imagine them fapping before going to sleep at night?


Semen has the power of creating a new life; which is the most powerful and creative thing a human being can do. If you don’t waste it you can transmutte it and uplift your soul and life.
Stop fapping and stay celibate for 3 years and you’ll achieve a lot more in life bro.
This is a truth of life.