A Bid Farewell ❤️

Hey guys, Vicky here :smiley:

I’ve been on this forum for almost 3 months now and it’s been a thrilling ride. I’m very grateful to god that they’ve led this lost soul here. I can simply say that words are not enough to describe what you all mean to me. But it’s time to say goodbye. :confused:

Thank You @JonSnow001, @sovereign_mind, @GOVIND-19, @Ash_Matt, @PrDr, @nofapstar123, @StealthChopperinbond and all who were a part of my journey here. Goodbye and Goodluck :heart:

SIKE! I’ll return with a Bang!

Don’t be Sad for that it ended, be Happy that it happened.


Will see you soon brother…
Take care…


Good luck… :joy::raised_hand:
Stay safety and focus on your goals @vickyx Wish you all the best & extra amazing mind full . :+1::wink:


Bruh…where are you going? And when are you coming back?

All the best man, take care and don’t relapse :smiley:

Flame on :fire:



Oh man, so early??
Come back with a solid streak


Come back stronger bro! We’re rooting for you!:+1::+1::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Why do you have to leave bro. This is the second time you’re saying that, but I’ll say it again that you don’t have to quit this forum for anything bro. I can understand if you are addicted, but quitting won’t work as I have tried that too, and then what I’d simply do would be to get here via web browser without logging in and so, nobody would know that I was here. But it didn’t help me man. Instead what I tried is that I fixed the number of times I’d open the forum in a day , then I gradually reduced the time that I spent here. That’ll be the better way for you too imho. But, everyone is different, so I hope quitting may work for you. But, I’ll miss you bro. I hope you succeed everywhere you go. Will wait for your return, man. Don’t forget us. :heart:


While this is a great community (though sometimes disrespectful towards women), I understand that it’s important to have your own directions. I wish you the best in your journey.


Why are you laughing sis @NhTbH , Do you know deep down that he will come back :rofl: :rofl:

Never Mind, Vicky bro

I am sure that You have exams ahead or something important to Work on!
That’s why you declared it publicly that you are leaving, so that you don’t use forum very much and can focus on other thing.

Another Possibility,

You might have made a Girlfriend :joy: :joy: , She requires attention and all that so you might not be available here, isn’t it @vickyx ? :rofl: .
Just Kidding brother !
If you need any type of help, We are always there for You !

We are all together in this :fire: :muscle:

Good Luck Brother for whatever you are working on.

Nofap Forever


@NhTbH is a girl bro :sweat_smile:


@rewire_user I am laughing to feel good that’s it .


Good luck champ.

Hope you win🏆

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