A better replacement with a great hobby

Anyone who love to write(anything) can join me and we can discuss here whenever u beat your urge just come here and write…
We are stronger together​:+1::blush:


:wave: hey,
I love writting poems, stories, etc…

What about you?


Don’t worry about the late reply…

We dont use telegram app in my country.
We can chat through pm here…

Sharing code - 8msazi

Yep I’m interested in writing! And poetry!
Most of what I write is for competitions, though I also free lance for some blog sites.
Mostly poetry, though I plan on writing a book (hopefully and eventually XD) after some trials on various blogs.

I have written a few… Half way… Few years back… OK, maybe I should stop procrastination and finish em’… Will start soon… In few days…maybe…