A 30 day challenge , highly needed . Plz help

I want a companion , who would take a 30 day challenge of no porn / no masturnation. Plz help me , coz i always try , but fail after 3 - 4 days. I really want to improve my life and situation. I am highly ambitious but a few things , such as above are taking out the best of me.

Sharing code - qonly7

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 4 days
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - India
I want a companion coz i am a competitive person and i want to become a better person. So kindly join me . Please


If you like, I will be your companion. I would love to help you in achieving a bigger streak and improving your life. Brief information about me:-

Current streak: 33 days
Highest streak: 52 days
Age: 23 years
Gender: Male
Location: India :india:
Sharing code: pfxjly

Please feel to message me anytime! :slight_smile:

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Feel free to be my companion as i also need them to get insane help in fight against fap.
My details.
Highest streak - 31 days
Current streak - 15 days
Age - 25

I am doing nofap for past 1 year but I keep relapseing every 7 to 10 .

Sharing code - 9if467

Current streak - 10 days *
Highest streak - 22 days *
Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - US

Add me up guys thanks for being part of this amazing journey

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Added u @ajaxlam :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Count me in, let’s together conquer this enemy kingdom of LUST, PAIN, REGRET, WEAKNESS, SHAME & INCOMPETENCE
We will ACE and will never Self Abuse ourselves

Current streak: 12 days
Highest streak: 19 days
Age: 24 years
Gender: Male
Location: India :india:
Sharing code: 0pv39k

Hey i would like to be your companion

Current streak: 3 days
Highest streak : 15 days
Location: India
Gender: M
Sharing code:bvqcey

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If you like then add me… I stated 90 days hard mood 10 days ago… Highest streak 50 days and more


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