[9YearsOld] Preparation journal Day 2

I have been fapping since i was 13 - 14 almolst every day till 16 when i decided to start nofapping.
It has changed my life for the better and i hope I could change yours.

Currently im 2Days and 7 hours into nofap the reason being I felt like something was not right with my balls so a week into nofap i decided to check if everything was alright.

Heres a quick recap on what happend in the time i wasnt journaling.

Day 1 went alright until I went to bed and got really horny for some reason, I decided to look at porn promising myself that i wont fap and thats what happend. Even tho i didnt touch my rod, i still felt drained out of my energy since i was horny. I didnt counted it as a loss because i didnt even touch my penis. But i was close to busting.

Day 2 (Current day) its going alright most of the day has already past although i did have some horniness throughout the day i didnt do anything to satisfy it.

Never edge bro. NEVER. remmember that madturbation is not addictive but porn is. Beating porn should be your number one priority.

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