91 days of NOpmo/semen retention

I apologise for grammar and language defects

Ok, I’m being brutally honest here since I dont do this for likes;

  1. 90 days of no pmo(semen retention) was and is tough on me. For the last 10-15 days, fuck! … It’s dificult to put into words. It is even more tempting than first 10-15 days ! (so it’s not nice to cry on the begining, bc it’s silly to me now). Trust me, endure, and you’ll see by yourself.

  2. I’m 35 now, but I apear as a much younger dude.During last 90 days I had sex two times; I couldn’t resist (in a way) bc this last girl has unbeliveble hips and she has a strongest feminine energy of all my previous girlfriends so far !!! She’s a bad bitch but not a whore.Verbaly she’s mercyless like most of them atractive females.

When we had sex, I endured as much as I could (about an hour) until I suddenly stop due to whatever! Can you imagine what kind of confusion did I generate with not, coming"??

She doesnt want to see me anymore, this was perhaps one of the causes for a break up. She obviously doesnt want that… If she asked me why, only than would I explained myself as of why I’m not, coming". She obviously couldn’t handle it. (whats your opinion on this subject? I’m simply curious)
As of now I realised that this situation produced an enlightement on my couple philosophy;
I DONT WANT TO HAVE AN EGOISTICAL WIFE ! And I dont care if she’s a victorias secret top model. Who ever wants to serve as an sexual object to those famme fatale babes, and throw his lifeforce in a garbage bag, go ahead, Im not doing it.

Met her on the street few days ago,so what do you guys think,what was the reaction: a)she was nervous b)she smiled like a bad bitch ?

  1. neck pain gonne, humor is present each day, big money plans (planing 2years in advance), likeing girls more and more, thinking and speaking faster, reading people more, asertivnes rise (no fake, drama shit), dont like beer, kind of a, selfish" thinking paterns are waking up (it might be bc brain is growing, dont know), etc, etc.

Hope this post will help someone, I’m looking forward to any reply/opinion, no ego games please. Spread love companions force is within ! :slight_smile: