90 days of self discipline


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Current streak - 0 day *
Highest streak - 57 days *
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - NZ

Why I want to create an accountability group - *
I feel that fighting this addiction together can be powerful.
I want to reach 90 days this time.
I really do.
When I reached 57 days I could feel my will power at the top & found only a few weak moments.
Let’s reach the mark of 90 together.

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I with you my friend :blush::+1: I’m on day 37.


I am learning new methods to fight this addiction.
I think changing environment is one of the major factor.
I have reached a library & started studying here.
I shouldn’t think about the output or any other thing.
it’s better than staying at home & jerking off.
I really feel happy & optimistic.


So I’m trying to have the self control to be more honest. I’m worried that I’m a compulsive liar since I’m too cowardly to be honest with myself and others. I have never built up my ego with lying or done it to impress, but I do it to avoid conflict all the time. I’m on two days lie free, I can do this but I just need more support. I want to prove I’m trustworthy and strong enough to do this.

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The only thing that will make you more trustworthy is a situation (tough one) in which normally we lie to not cause conflict but, really, truth can only save us :slightly_smiling_face:

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