90 days nofap challenge( Monk Mode+No Peeking challenge )[ENTRIES CLOSED FOR 90 days Monk Mode Challenge]

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Day 12/90

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Day :one::three:
Good day

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Day 13 :white_check_mark:


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Day 13/90 (NoFap)

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Current no peeking 5/5 :white_check_mark:
3/5 :white_check_mark:

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Day 5 of 5 No Peeking Fantasizing Challenge
@Fizuli we’ve completed our 5 days of No Peeking Fantasizing Challenge with good!! Surely it would be helpful for u too :100::muscle:… we’ll do more no. Of days Challenge in future :wink::fire:

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Day 13/90

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Day :one::four:
Today i completed my first month, 30 days successfully :tada:
I would like thank myself for believing in me😅
Anyways you guys have been great help


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Day 14

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Yes brother @tanmay_ck , we do that. Congratulations


Day 14 :white_check_mark:


Hey Sister @sakshi11 ,

How are you doing? Are you fine now ?

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Anyone Up for NO Peeking Fantasizing Challenge for 5 days starting from tomorrow!?
Sharing Code - co9eta

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Let’s reach the goal :fire::grimacing:

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Day :one::five:
Good day

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