9+ HOURS WORK/STUDY CHALLENGE (only for courageous titans)

@Tagore should I also mention my name in score board , as i also want to participate till this month end .

I want to remove 1 hour from this because it was not that much productive. Overall it was 6.5 hrs.
I will improve this after 30 days of nofap till then I will study less than 6 hours because when I study my mind wanders and I get urges a lot. First thing first I have to master nofap and for it whatever is required I will do it. Even though if doing unproductive work is what I have to do for beating urges then be it.
But not gonna lose. :crown::sparkles:


Guys all of you can join this Challenge.
Add your name in the scoreboard. We’ll start the Real Battle next month onwards.
This month lets just report the hour we worked and be accountable to each other.

Real Battle starts Nov 1 onwards

@Dean_Ambrose @rewire_user

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Chose the path of least resistance today!
Feels like the weakest peace of shit in the world right now!

Will bounce back with full power :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I also would like to join this challenge.