72 Hours Trial - Journey to friday

On friday I have an exam. I want to prepare and not fail NoFap in these next 72 hours. I will provide detail on my journey. I encourage anyone to try and last these next three days. NoFap!!


Cool. What’s the exam about?

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It’s a college enterance exam.

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Good luck. Korea had those last week. What are you applying for?

Achieving things through studying is a hell of a motivator. And a challenge.

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My major is currently in Software Development.

  • 2 hours in -
  • Getting ready to go to bed. Usually the night after a relapse is easy. But can’t be too careful.
    Lots of interesting things happened today. Just hoping to make it through tonight.

We can go through 3 days. Just focus on study.


I’m sure it will work out for you if you concentrate at the task at hand. Enjoy the time!

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  • 13 hours in
    I managed to do okay for the night. Morning though, it was a bit tough. Woke up at 6 am, but felt lazy and stayed in bed for an hour which was a struggle. But I managed!
  • 18 hours in
    Trying to study. Bit hard. Usually when there is a relapse there are these uncomfortable feelings.
    Not easy to concentrate. Hopefully they go away soon.

Made it past 24 hours. I’m feeling better. Still recovering but getting there!


Made it past the second night. Very exciting. I have my hopes that this time I will overcome this.
Waking up is a challenge but I’m getting there.

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This is the last night of the journey. I realized it was not so long. But managing three days is not easy. This challenge did well. And I thank those for all the support.

After this trial. I move on to the next. Wont give up!

We all are together and more stronger than ever before.

Passed the third night. Very excited. Today is feeling as a good day. As everyday is a good day.

Great, you made it this far! :muscle:

Thank you. It means a lot! :slight_smile:

I made it to the 72 hour mark. I’m so happy. I feel so refreshed. But it doesnt stop there. To the next challenge!
Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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