70 days completed

70 days completed on 9th november
Currently at day 72
Getting better( I can’t explain all the benefits they are countless you can only feel them you can’t show this to anyone else)
This is my second streak
First one was of 120 days
I m gonna break my own record this time
But honestly speaking as winter season has begun
the urges are more stronger than summers
But we won’t give up
Keep fighting with this addiction
Have a nice streak😌



The best way to know all the benefits that we could have with NO FAP is… To do NO FAP :sweat_smile:


@GOGETA yeeah keep going bro, keep going! Interesting is that you experience positive benefits that you can’t describe in words :smiley:


Wonderfull @GOGETA
Keep going ,believe that you can , don’t waste your time just act it … DO IT MAN
Keep in touch with your schedule …
Remember You will shine everyday …
This is not limited by days …
Appreciate every single breath .