7 days nofap challenge

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Sup champs, I am trying to create a new challenge since I feel the ones already in place have all been booked. The more people that join the better.

This challenge is for the ones who just relapse extremely frequently or for the ones (like me) who are heavy porn users and struggle to make it past 3+ days without peeking, edging or relapsing. The days I have set for this challenge are very short. However depending on the entrees, the commitment you guys have for this challenge I will make another small challenge.

It is just my theory but I believe victory can be achieved in small steps.

Rules: No Peeking
No edging
And ofcourse if you relapse you are out.

Tips: avoid surfing on the internet and use the time during which u are bored much efficiently.
Starting today I am on day 0, so the 7 day challenge starts now. :muscle:


My sharing code : nerk0z. :fist::facepunch::v::crossed_fingers:

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