7 Day Nofap discipline challenge[ENTRIES OPEN FOR 22 to 24 HOURS]

Only those on day 0 can join this challenge
So basically this challenge involves us maintaining a strict routine starting from the day we have relapsed, ill mention things to do as you progress through the days below:
Day 0: So you’ve relapsed right, you’re trying to figure out what caused it, the best thing you can do is meditation, I find the feel the urge feature helpful, perhaps try to meditate for 60 minutes and notice how In control you feel after, now find a distraction so you don’t binge, then at night have a cold shower, it will increase your resistance against things you don’t like.
Day 1: So you wake up feeling sad from your relapse, just so you know that should pass, so now you get have breakfast, then do 10 to 30 minutes meditation (very important), after that you find things or Hobbies that interest you to keep yourself busy, in the afternoon you have 2 choices either work out at home or go to gym, If you’re working out at home, try doing push ups, sit ups, crunches, and also some dumbbell reps, if you have Whey powder, drink after workout, then make it a habit to have a cold shower after working out, it pushes you out the comfort zone and makes you feel like you can take on the world.
Day 2: repeat steps for day 1 but leave your device at home and keep yourself busy, many people tend to relapse on day 2, but if you keep busy it won’t be an issue.
Day 3: repeat steps for day 1, and day 2, also go for an evening walk if possible.
Day 4: repeat steps for day 1 and 2, go for a walk aswell
Day 5: "
Day 6: "
Day 7: This is usually where the the testosterone levels peak, so keep out of your room and keep yourself busy.
Day 8: Its entirely up to you what you do from this point forward.
If you relapse, you’ll be disqualified.
Those of you doing the 7 day challenge must check in every day, to avoid disqualification
Also edging and peeking will be considered a relapse, you must let me know about it, because it wouldn’t be fair to others. You don’t have to do all the steps I mentioned but its recommended you do it. That’s all so far. Comment below to join, but only those on day 0 can join, others who are on a streak are welcome to cheer us on.

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