7 day championship

Hello, I am going to start a challenge of 7 days.
I you want to participate then roll-on into it.
Challenge will start today 8:00 pm IST.


I am in
let’s see who will win :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
My share code - 5okgss

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Let’s go I am in

Code: l6ankk

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Great . Make it. Keep going.

Sorry bro i relapsed. can i start again from now or I cant?

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Ya this challenge will go until you complete 7 days even 15 years.I am on 8hrs streak currently.


I am in. Let’s do it

My sharing code n1xqbz i am in let’s fo it guys :triumph::muscle:

Ok until you not complete your 7 days streak you are in


Consider me in!
Good luck to everyone

CHECK IN :ballot_box_with_check::ballot_box_with_check::ballot_box_with_check:day 2 :+1::muscle:

Im also in ,h60j9j my code,put me in

i wake up early in the morning before others i was alone my phone was dead and in charging i have laptop and boom it happend again :worried::disappointed: i am feeling like i am traped in a 2 days loop 2 days nofap than relapse 2.5 days nofap than relapse i relapsed again after 2 days its not going far how hard try only 2 day not more than that i don’t know what to do i am frustrated now and feeling sad and angry on myself​:cry::worried::sweat::disappointed_relieved::persevere::rage: but i make sure to not peak or to not relapse again today means relapse chain SORRY guys​:no_mouth::expressionless:

DAY 2⚔️
really feel energetic :smiley:

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