65 days so far, but feeling the urges so much lately

Hi everyone
So this is my second time doing nofap my first streak was 26 days and then I relapsed and kept masturbating every other day, until exactly 65 days ago when I was irritated with myself and decided to quit for good, and thats when my actual streak started. Felt pretty strong in the first 30days, the will to not masturbate was always present, had a list of all the benefits to keep reminding myself why I’m doing this, anyway the next say 20 days after the 1st month I was very busy so really only felt the urge maybe once or twice, but lately I’ve been waking up everyday having flashbacks of my past sexual encounters, the urge to fap just keeps growing everyday and I don’t know what to do, I mean after all this time without faping I never felt like this, Shouldnt the urges decrease over time instead of increase ?


I have never reach more than 30days of abstinence, but I already in this battle since 2016.

First you have to find your cues, replase cues. For me, they are boredom, feeling of rejection/loneliness, excessive consumption of alcohol and fatty food.

Second, reduce and or avoid it. For me, since the mid of last year I am joining local gym and avoid to bring phone to my bed.

Third, put the attention to another subjects. For example, do laundry or running or swimming.

This period of noPMO is my best, today is my second 30 days, and the last 2days I was horny as fuck. What I do is avoid all the cues, I ask my friend to come over, ate salad only, no beer, and went to gym to work out until I couldn’t move this morning.

It does the trick, the accomplishment feeling does the trick.

So, do something that will make u feel ACCOMPLISHED


Congrats for 65 days.
My longest streak was 31 days.
It was best time of my life.
Alert:Dont read you may relapse.
My mind started playing tricks on me
It said that you cant masturbate so lets hear something that can make you handsfree orgasm. So i listened to erotic hypnosis on youtube. I precummed but didnt ejaculate but the countdown to relapse had started and finaly after a lot of edging i had to Orgasm.
After that i never achieved so much success.
:large_blue_diamond:My advice is Sexual Transmutation. Read watch about it on internet. It will save you.