500 push-ups in 24h

I challange you guys to this simply challange. 500 push-ups in 24h, no matter how, JUST DO IT.

My method is 50 times in 10 series. By far I completed 200. So 6 series x 50 push-ups left.

Good luck!!!


I ll do it, perfect challenge!!!


I completed the 500 pushups in 24h challenge!

Here is the log:
I farkin did it


[0] Starting]


[10] ---------10 (right after waking up, 6:20am)

Still a bit happy

[50] --------- 40 (before leaving, 7:32am)
[100] ---------50 (10:25am)


[150] ---------50 (10:41am after eating)
[200] ---------50 (10:43)
[250] ---------50 (6:12pm after coming back home by train)

Wasting huge chunks of time resting, forgot about the pushups


Evening comes, realizing I need to crunch it tight

[300] ---------50 (7:52)

Realizing I need to do 200 in the next hour

[350] ---------50 (8:07)
[400] ---------50 (8:12)
[450] ---------50 (8:45)
[500] ---------50 (8:59)

I made it! The last set felt impossible


I am taking this challenge

My maximum limit was 48 pushups in one stretch. Never pushed my limits further.

I am ready for this. Will update after every pushup attempts done…

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2.42 PM

20 Pushups done.

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3.02 PM

20 Push ups done

460 more

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3.05 PM

10 More Pushups done.

Total 50 now

10 percent completed


3.25 PM

20 More pushup done.

430 remaining


4.08 PM

30 More pushups

100 Completed

20 percent

Hands trembling…

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5.10 PM

30 More pushups

Switched to Triangle and wide angle pushup to make it interesting

370 more

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5.35 PM

30 More pushups

160 done

340 remaining

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5.51 PM


200 Pushups Completed

300 more

My trap muscles really hurts… But keep going

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6.28 PM

50 Pushups

250 Pushups Completed


Can’t post because more than 10 consecutive post is not allowed in this forum. So editing previous post.

7.28 PM

300 Pushups Completed

Its the first time in my life, I am pushing my limits physically

9.34 PM

350 Pushups Completed

Can’t breathe properly, But I noticed my core is getting stronger

10.30 PM

400 Pushups Completed

Sheds some tears knowing how much challenging it is. Anyway 100 more

11.30 PM

450 Pushups Completed

My biceps is beating like heart

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Youre completing the Pushup Challenge AND The Pullup Challenge???


If rewire would allow me to, I would have written it all in CAPS

Rising lion is a champion

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Yes , I am challenging both at the same time.

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I am in shock

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Thanks a lot brother. Still I have a lot to improve

Quote from Rising Lions Description:

I am just a normal person with an outrageous determination since childhood.

Well man as it turns out this is 100% the case

The dude did the pushup challenge until he cried and then did a hundred more

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12.10 AM

500 Pushups Successfuly Completed

Thanks you @BeLikeRocky for this challenge.

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Let’s do this. I have 5 almost 6 days in freedom.