50 Benefits of quiting por**graphy

  1. Increase your self confidence.

  2. More time and energy to put into developing friendships and interpersonal relationships of all types.

  3. More time and energy to devote to being a family member. Many parents who reboot report that they feel that they feel like better parents and better spouses. Many younger rebooters report feeling more at ease at family events and have more positive feelings regarding family.

  4. Improve your social confidence. 57% of our surveyed members reported an increase in “social skills” while rebooting/retaining.

  5. For singles, improve your ability to find a romantic partner. 66% feel that they’re more willing to talk to people that they’re attracted to.

  6. Increase attraction towards people, instead of just pixels on a screen. Avoiding PMO will naturally incentivize you to focus on cultivating a relationship.

  7. Reduce or reverse seual dysfunctions such as anorgasmia (inability to org** during s**) and PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction).

8)Reduce the “death grip” in order to have greater pleasure during real s**.

  1. Improve s**ual satisfaction.

  2. 39% of surveyed users report an increase in emotional connection with their partner.

  3. 38% report feeling more creative during a reboot.

  4. 48% report feeling “tranquility” or “deep-seated happiness” during a reboot.

  5. Improve romantic relationships, as problems in the bedroom often trickle their way into every area of a relationship.

  6. 47% of surveyed members report feeling a greater respect towards women & potential partners.

  7. It isn’t only just about respect towards potential partners. 28% of surveyed rebooters on our forum reported a greater respect towards peers.

  8. Improves dating life.

  9. No more staying up until 4 am, clicking from video to video, waking up the next day exhausted.

  10. No more fear in letting other people borrow your phone or computer, scared that they’ll stumble across porn, your internet history, or an embarrassing auto-complete.

  11. Know yourself better. 65% of surveyed members reported a greater awareness of their own strengths and limitations.

  12. No more weird computer viruses from all of those pop-up ads and accidental clicks.

  13. More free time to pursue whatever you want to pursue in life.

  14. 55% report that they simply “feel” more physically attractive / have a better self image and better facial and body confidence after going through a period of rebooting/retention.

  15. Increase available computer/phone hard drive space to store photographs of memories that you’re making with all of your newfound free time.

  16. Feel authentic, like you have nothing to hide, and the liberating feeling that results from living life authentically.

  17. Know what your “organic sexuality” looks like. You might discover new things about yourself. NoFap doesn’t usually say that “this kink is good, this kink is bad” but that people should focus on discovering what they’re naturally attracted to, rather than letting the porn producers choose for them.

  18. Reverse porn-created fetishes that might be at-odds with your natural preferences or even your morals. Sometimes these can escalate to rather shocking categories.

  19. Increase your ability to delay rewards.

  20. Increase your ability to participate in altruistic punishment.

  21. Increase your ability to take risks.

  22. If you are married, reduce the chance of getting a divorce (studies that analyze divorce data are showing this) and increase marriage satisfaction.

  23. Enjoy a greater sense of self-control and “self-mastery.”

  24. Learn how to appreciate people’s personalities, characters, and other aspects of being a human being rather than just caring about their bodies. No more gawking at people on the street or other behavior that was reinforced through heavy porn use.

  25. Increase self-discipline and be transfer it into other areas of life. Maybe it’s time to start learning a new skill or pursuing a goal.

  26. No more being a creep. Many of the heaviest porn users might escalate into creepy or even illegal behavior, such as watching shocking porn genres, PMOing compulsively in places/at times that they shouldn’t, or visiting risky prostitution services.

  27. Save money by no longer purchasing it or things associated with it. Maybe you can pursue another hobby such as paragliding with the savings. Some people spend 1000s and 1000s on camming, toys, site subscriptions, or higher-quality niche content.

  28. You don’t know what you’re watching. You could be supporting human trafficking or other awful things. Even not buying porn results in demand through ad revenue and web traffic. If you disagree with the industry’s practices, you can vote with your “wallet” and choose to not support it by not using it.

  29. People who are religious (remember, NoFap is a secular brand) report having more “religious satisfaction” (20% from last survey).

  30. Understand the concept of abundance, which can be translated to awareness of other things that are no-longer-scarce that our bodies still consider beneficial to binge on. For example, food – we have an obesity epidemic right now and many rebooters report pursuing new dietary habits shortly after quitting PMO.

  31. Hypofrontality, a tangible brain change, has been linked to compulsive pornography consumption, which may reduce an individual’s ability to think critically. People who quit sometimes report feeling more “clear-headed” compared to when they were deep into their PMO habits.

  32. Habitual excessive pornography use has been linked to heightened levels of stress. Some people who leave PMO behind report having more “balanced” stress/anxiety levels.

  33. Stop normalizing pornography consumption to others, especially to young people who are often being indoctrinated to accept that internet porn consumption is the new normal, is healthy, and ideal. “The more the better!” is often touted although it isn’t scientifically supported. (remember, there’s a difference between masturbation, a partnered orgasm, and masturbating to internet porn, which the porn-pushers too often ignore)

  34. Get more stuff done: 50% of our users have reported increased productivity from a period of not PMOing.

  35. 32% users reported being more emotionally sensitize / attuned to emotions.

  36. Many rebooters go through some challenges during the process. Overcoming these challenges will help you gain skills to overcome future challenges in life.

  37. Perform better at work or school due to the positive effects of rebooting/retention.

  38. … “superpowers.” These aren’t referring to super-human abilities. This is our word for natural abilities and the natural self in the absence of endlessly-available, super-stimulating pornography which often has detrimental effects on people’s lives. People report that they’re getting all sorts of unexpected effects that are changing their lives. Sometimes, the changes are so drastic, this return to natural/normal is described as “superpowers” by some enthusiastic rebooters.

  39. Experience the effects of what these changes can have in your life. It could be a compounding investment that’s hard to predict the outcome of. And one of the best investments that you can make is in yourself.

  40. 68% members reported feeling a sense of satisfaction from completing a major life challenge, undergoing a period of rebooting/retention.

  41. Many rebooters often report that they are now focused on building other beneficial habits, such as eating well or exercising. If you aren’t already doing so, give it a shot, since rebooting is a great time to start picking up things that are actually good for you.

  42. Just to see what happens. You’ll never know until you try. Many people report completely unexpected, highly personal benefits from eliminating (and for some people, even just reducing) their PMO habits.

-Shared from Rewire Companion app


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