5 tips to avoid replacing.. what do you think?

Let’s be honest this is war… you against your brain, the media and multibillion porn industry so you need to be both strong and smart and also have some tactics

  1. LOOK AWAY!!! Your eyes are the key
    we are triggered by sight so if you see a picture of a model or even someone passing by with a short skirt look away!!!

    Don’t even think about touching your ding dong in any way shape or form! Your hands should never go below your belt… never

  3. Repeat this “Not gonna happen”
    every time you feel temptation say this to your dick… not gonna happen… sorry not sorry but I am not touching you small thing…
    Apply cold water if nessecary but usually just saying and believing in this sentence is strong enough…

  4. VERY IMPORTANT… never day dream filthy stuff… never imagine!
    everyone does it… you close your eyes and wander in a sex adventure… and you get turned up… some use this to sleep… but never imagine this because this was the way I usually relapse… never imagine or start a sex simulation in your mind… never

  5. Your money or your nofap!!
    money hurts a lot… so you have to swear that if you relapse you will give money to charity… set a high number that you still can afford but will hurt you… for me it is 50 Euros… but you can choose…
    also if you relapse a second time the number should double!!


Thanx for tips :fire:
This is a war we can’t win easily. There’s no going back…we are all in :facepunch:

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