5 Days Boost-your-confidence [ELiMiNATiON MATCH] ☢️☢️☢️

Hello Everyone! I’m Gabriel and I have created this group for guys like me who fail regularly and are stuck in this major rut for years.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must be on a streak between 0-4 days.

:negative_squared_cross_mark::negative_squared_cross_mark::negative_squared_cross_mark: Maximum 10 Nofappers and that too on a first come first serve basis.


Day 0. See ya guys tomorrow.

I’m on Day 2
Code 6a1e38

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Added. Let’s make it 5 days clean.

Day 2
My code e728e7

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Added. C’mon guys! Let’s do it.

code --ccec0e
day 1…

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Added. Let’s do this.

@LostMonkey has been eliminated.
Sorry to remove you brother but I have to be very strict as I don’t want anybody and especially me to be complacent.

Leader Chart

  1. @muqatilh Day 2
  2. @udi. Day 1
  3. @Gabriel.Oak Day 1
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Add me
Code - 72358d
Current Streak - 1

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I don’t know what to do since I, the moderator of this post, relapsed?

You know what, I’m not gonna quit. It’s on till I reach Day 5.

Group List:
@muqatilh Day 3
@udi Day 2
@LostMonkey Day 0
@vonta456 Day 0
@Gabriel.Oak Day 0
@sam.sherpuria Day 0

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Im on Day 1. Code 3cc1a2

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This Group is really helpful. Keep it up!

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Leader Chart

@muqatilh Day 4
@udi Day 3
@LostMonkey Day 1
@vonta456 Day 1
@sam.sherpuria Day 1
@Gabriel.Oak Day 1
@nicole Day 0

C’mon @muqatilh you can do it. Just one more day.

Can i be part of this? I just relapsed too. And i need to start taking steps forward to shake off this feeling.

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@nicole what’s your code?