[46 M] Koen's Diary

Sometimes I think, Koen you’re already 46 and you’re still fighting against porn addiction. It has been worse, I have already been stuck in it harder. This time I really want to stop.Because I feel so insecure afterwards. I hope this app can help me.Thanks in advance for all the people who make the effort to read this. My English is not super, but I do my best. :blush:


It is never to late to do some good in your life.


@Egfon from how nmn how many years have you been addicted to this masturbation habit ? Are you married ?

I became addicted to porn from the arrival of the internet. Everything became so accessible that the temptation was always very great. Some years I was more addicted than other years, but it has always been present.I have been together with a beautiful woman for 20 years.A decade ago my addiction was very heavy that our relationship almost broke.Now it is not so bad, but if I do not stop it, it will certainly get worse. I do not dare to tell it for the moment, because I’m afraid we will have a very difficult time back. So I try it myself, but that is difficult and that is why I really need help from you.I really want to work it out of my life. I feel how good it is when I have stopped for a long time.


Are you from India or abroad?

I’m from Belgium :slight_smile:

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It is a difficult start. I get difficult over the 72 hours. I know that things will improve afterwards.I especially have to watch out for lonely moments.And even if it starts to go very well. so against the three weeks.Those days, three weeks, three months … I have to be extra careful around these periods.

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Yes those first days/weeks are the most difficult. Set small goals (day for day) and you will likely progress the smoothest. The fact that one of the reasons you’re doing this is to save the relationship with your wife is a good motivating factor! It can definitely help you through tough times.

Succes man, je kan het :wink: