40 Days Urge Management And NoFap Challenge

Hi, This is an Urge Management And instant Reward Challenge

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April 5 - May 15

What you have to do?

Whenever you feel any Urge. All you have to do counter it with some counter measure. Like -

  1. Counting 1 , 2, 3 and leaving the place where you are and go to some other place.

  2. Taking a Cold Shower.

  3. Read Book

  4. If you’re alone for the moment then joining your friends or any social group.

And anything you can think of. Then You after the urge is gone you have to write it in a journal/diary or anything About what CAUSED the urge and how did you managed to counter it.
You don’t have to share it with anyone Else if you don’t want to.

For every Urge you Counter you get +1 point
For every Urge you fail To counter i.e. You relapse you get -1.5

After every 10 Urges you Counter you get - +5
After the Challenge is Finished.
Please be honest with yourself.
I will add More Real Rewards Later in the challenge.

Common Urges :

Objectifying Women /Men
Watching Porn
Stalk Models On Instagram.

Write you Points Here -
noname0000 = +1
28umex =


Where i should write that points??


Admin of this thread will write points for you guys…
Just share your share code with him


Im in
Sharing code: 28umex

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