4 weeks changes and feelings

I feel something new for me.
Sometimes when I sit in a silent room and I feel so good. I start to listen to music and I enjoy it with every inch of my body.
My muscles. They are twice bigger compared to the 0 days, as I also do gym at home every day.
My confidence toward easiness of achieving luxury life. It’s high as Everest mountain.
I start to think that I’ll enjoy tomorrow’s day. I’ll wake up and smile to the sun. And hear the birds singing. I’ll see the colors and I’ll grow with my dreams.
I’ll go outside and people will notice me and smile instead of ignoring my existence. My parents will smile me instead of calling me a trash. My grades will be higher. People will talk to me. My business will bring me a lot of money and I won’t be shy not having anything to spend. My crush will say “Hi”. I’ll eat some food and enjoy it, instead of lacking tastes.
My problems will be solved so smoothly I won’t notice them. I’ll run while others asleep. I’ll be busy for my dreams while others complain.
I don’t know why I’m alive.
But whoever created me. Thank you :pleading_face::sob:
It’s 4th weeks end


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