365 nop fap challenge

2018 i was on a run, i had done 365 days no fap, 16 days ago i started this challenge again and i will update my progress here to keep me on track and give you some motivation to keep pushing
Whos with me getting these 365 days and becoming the hero of your own life?


My objective in this journey is 365 days, my max is 48 days. I’m determined to attain my goal.


Count me in… For the challenge add me,
My sharing code is -daaf29


Day 17/365 days feels like i am starting to recover


Sign me up!
My code : uxriod

Take me in, im dedicated . now on first day, 

My code is : 63tzi7

Day 18/365days, Dreamed about relapsing, thank god it was a dream but that shows me how fucking porn affected my brain

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day 19/365 days, i dreamed again about PMO, about thinking into a conflict if i should do it or not, man that shit got weird, but i give my brain some time to clean itself, i want to dream about real dreams that gives me clear ideas on how to act and what i want and not about some PMO conflict in my brain, but now i know how deep rooted these dopamin kicks affected my brain in a bad way, so keep on moving forward, we will be free​:sun_with_face::full_moon_with_face::person_in_lotus_position:t2:‍♂:stars: now its time for change

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I am in for the challenge. Please add me
My companion code n8ss7x

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Day 22/365 days time is running

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