35y need a companion for 90 days PMO, hard mode

Age - 35
Gender - M
Location - Austria
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Highest streak - 42 days

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After a long PMO addiction that is both influencing my regular sexual life (aside from PMO) and my working and social life negatively, I finally want to get rid of it. My first target set is reaching 90 days PMO, hard mode, which will be very hard to achieve for me.
It seems that to me personally it is very important to also abstain from masturbation, as I somehow use it as a replacement for watching porn otherwise.
I know that I will need a companion, who can motivate me to go longer and don’t give in to urges as I already failed several times. I will of course provide the same to my companion, together we can do it!


Count me in as your companion. Sent you a request. Let’s continue the war against PMO.

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