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A few days ago I started my “Nofap Journey”. The reason for this is quite severe PIED. I’ve had that for almost 2 years now and i cant live with that anymore. Its frustrating af. And i’ve had it every situation: with women and with porn.

I have been to the doctor beforehand. After examination she said biologically everything is fine and she gave me some viagra/cialis stuff. However, that didn’t do anything for me, except giving me headaches. So my final conclusion was that i have PIED an NOFAP was the only way out.

I’m on day 12 today. And so far it is going quite well. Especially considering that I have been quite sick for 4 of these 12 days (the flu or something nasty like that). In the past the times when I have been sick or exhausted for other reasons was when i PMO’d the most.

Until now it has been quite easy to resist relapsing. I guess the reason is that I know very well what my trigger was in the past: Smoking (tabacco, not weed). So my math was “no smoking = no PMO” and so far this seems to play out.

However, I have read a lot about other NOFAP-Journies in the internet and watched the youtube videos. They all go like: day 1: brainfog; day 2: urges, day 3: energy; day 4: flatline; day 5: SUPERMAN
I myself on the otherhand dont notice any massive changes so far. I guess i have a little more energy and i don’t feel as anxious as before. But an improvement in life every single day? Not yet at least. Happy to keep you postet.

In the meantime: If somebody my age also suffered from severe PIED and could share his experience on how long it took for him to get rid of PIED, I would appreciate it

(I hope that makes sense - English is not my first language)


Welcome to forum !!
You selected the right path to cure your problem. Nofap is the best in terms of everything.

No no , this is not the way of working of NoFap. People who posts stuff like this only creating confusions in new people. NoFap requires time to show its benefits and all. Focus only on going forward !! :raised_hands:

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I agree with you man

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alright, maybe i shouldnt have called this a diary, as i see no point on updating daily if nothing happens or changes in any way

however it has been exactly to weeks now. and the one change i noticed now is that i get hard when i think about sex. i mean not fapping or anything. just normal situations like driving or whatever. that might sound like nothing but for me thats quite severe as ive had pied for about two years and in that whole two years i havent really been hard anymore ever. so, whupdidu i guess

the urge is quite strong though. not to PMO but to “test” if the pied is gone. but i wont do it - i hope. the fear is that that might be a slippery slope to failure. we’ll see