[30M] My change documentation (day1)

I could stay up even better and slept better. I have a big pressure building up but i can resitst by distract me by focussing on better things.


Time to exercise. Wear yourself out. Use that energy elsewhere.


Welcome on board Luke.
We are both 30 years old. It’s time to control on this bad habit and start to build a fulfiled life!


Thanks for all the helping words. Today is a hard day and it is good to be motivated :sun_with_face:.
I’ve done sport and took a cold shower to get clean of my distraction and arousal.


We are here 24×7 at your service, my dear friend.


The pressure is still there and im tired hopefully the arousal will go the next days. I worked yesterday till night and had some strange dreams. I will keep you informed and stay strong. Hopefully i dont relapse…

On day six i have a strong urge to relapse but i will get over it by doing sport and other things. The pressure is still high but i just ignore it. I control it and im not controllable. I wish all a good journey and keep strong.

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You can do it bro. I believe in you.
You are a Master because You take your life decisions.

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One week without fapping and i feel great. I also notice that i can concentrate better and stay focussed on the things that matter. Also sport keeps me on the right track an i think i getting more and more duration. Also the bad urges are gone.
Wish you all the best and a good way to stop your PMO.

After the high comes the fall. Its hard to concentrate and issues bother me to fall back on PMO. I need to be strong. Hard day today…

I got a strong urge to P and open and close the sites. Hopefully i dont relapse today :roll_eyes:
Didnt do M and O since 11 days :zipper_mouth_face:

Congratulations brother! Keep doing!

Be smart and strategic. Why don’t you use a porn sites blocker on your phone/computer?

Hm i wanna do it on my own but im weak on this is think. I also ordered a timelock to lock my phone away for a certain time.

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Restart to do it right now :roll_eyes:. But it was the longest time wothout PMO since some years.