[30 M) Keats - My Journal

Hey everyone, I’ve been in this fight for some time, since I was 17 actually.

Have had some degree of success in the past, my most recent and longest streak being 117 days this august (as a married man, this was not a hardmode streak).

Unfortuntely since my relapse I’ve had a lot more relapses and September and October (so far) have been pretty bad for me.

Found this app and decided to join this forum for the extra accountability.

I try not to overspend too much time on my phone so I can’t promise I will be updating this journal daily but I did feel like it would be good to put this out here and have a place I can go to if I need to write things out.

I’m currently on Day 3.

Please feel free to follow my progress for mutual encouragement and support. My sharing code is: 09n80b



Welcome on board Keats!

We are here to support you :+1:

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Good brother…but since you are married then sex is not counted in relapse.
You know masterbation (dreaming)
Sex(reality) both are different things…all the best


7 Days down

Congrats to my companions, @stranger64 on passing the 1 week mark and @Limmy at 2 weeks. Good stuff, gentlemen.

Well done my friend, stay strong. Thanks for the mention. :+1:

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Sorry to hear about your relapse. What you’ve done so far is still an achievement!

This doesn’t work for everyone but I’ve found taking St John’s Wort (425 mg tablet per day) incredibly helpful. I’m on day 15 so far and the urges have been minimal apart from on one day when I was hungover, but even then I was able to manage. Give it a try, they take about 3-4 days to kick in. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I would have got this far without them.

Stay strong! :muscle:

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Day 4 - complete

@Limmy, thanks for the encouragement and suggestion. Great job on your streak man!

I’m doing hardmode on this new run so far and hope to do so for the next little while as I think it will help clear my head faster.

Keep going strong everyone!

Day 5 (sunday) - complete

Had one of the best weekends in a long time.

Really came done to cutting my phone out of it.

Day 6 (monday) - complete

Almost 1 week! Keep doing!