30 Days Success Story

30 days of Nofap completed, Its my personal best. From here i will enter into a new life which i have never experienced before Because of edging i will consider my Reboot on Hard Mode to be completed on 112th day. However, i am counting these 30 days as a Semen Preservation or Semen Retention kind of thing.

I am only talking about my experience here, no bullshit.
I have two big drawbacks in my journey

  1. Antidepression drugs. These drugs helps to sleep. It creates a lot of Brain Fog one of the reason i had reduced nofap benefits because of Toxins in my body.
  2. Edging. I edged on 5 occassions. In Each session i watched soft erotica on youtube for about an hour. The 5 Blunders were done on my 11 , 12 , 15 , 20 & 22nd day.

Now, Lets Talk about Pros & Cons.

:earth_africa: Pro’s :

  1. Removal of Guilt & increase in self confidence.
  2. Going for Walking Outside.
  3. Increase in Social Skills, easy eye contact with people when the guilt is gone.
  4. Chewing food better, i can feel the taste of food now, i choose my food wisely now.
  5. Control over Body increased. Little pressure on nerves.
  6. Doing Excercise regularly.
  7. Studying regularly.
  8. Using internet for productive work.
  9. Trying new things like yoga & meditation.
  10. Driving Car with care.
  11. Cleaning my room & clothes looks fun.
  12. Seeing things clearly.
  13. Penis becomes like iron.
  14. Instead of porn now you enjoy beauty in real world.
  15. Voice becomes deep and Manly.

:tired_face: Cons :
From my above list of pro’s dont think that nofap journey has only flowers and no thorns. First 30 days is a period of struggle and Test. They say it is difficult only in first 30 days. I am about to find out more as i go on.

  1. Sexual Day dreaming. If you give them some air, it turns into edging and later on a Relapse. So snap from it as fast as you can.
  2. Sometimes the urges are very high.
  3. Loss of Sleep.
  4. Energy is sometimes very high, another time very low.
  5. Anger & Frustration in initial days. Mood Swings.
  6. I experienced depression. It may be due to my edging.


You are so big. You are a truth man.C:

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Thanks man. :grin:

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I wish to add you. My code its 65feff. Feel free to add me.

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502699 my code.
We can help each other.

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Im going to add you.:smile:

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You truly are the Man of Steel :muscle: :weight_lifting_man:

I’m on day 20; it’s been rough. I’ve struggled with morning wood when I wake up, and I was tempted to binge yesterday, but I fought the urge and came out on top.

I’ve hit the gym more than I usually do, which is a start, but I’m glad that I have all the support on this forum.

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Hi reborn great work i hope u can add me

Do u got any benefits in your appearance …face looks etc…

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I’m new to here I need Companions :blush: My code is a363a8

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@ReBorn what helped with urges? Glad you completed 30 days. Even with edging it’s an accomplishment. :+1:

That was actually pretty cool.

Keep on with the good work!

Day 3 will be over after 3 hours​:smiley::smiley: