30 Days. My Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

Peace to you. Here are my experiences now that I’ve been 30 Days clean.

  1. My mind is clearer
  2. I have more motivation to work hard
  3. Beginning to truly love women as beautiful souls.
  4. More creativity in my conversations.
  5. Far more self control.

I want to encourage you, my friends, that the path to freedom forever is possible. But you can’t do it alone. Many (or most) of us turned to pmo or sex to feel better about ourselves. Men used pmo to feel like a ‘man’, and perhaps many women do the vice-versa in secret. But only God can make you a man. Only God can make you a woman. We all trully need His love to satisfy our aches. When life hits me hard, I turn to God for strength and His infinite source of comfort. That is my secret.

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