3 Months Purity Challenge

30/90 daily check in…


We started together. Hence we won together


Day 1 :white_check_mark:

Remarks: My last record was for about 4 months. Started again feeling irritated, angry and low on motivation.

Add me to challenge me. Ready to compete

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Welcome, new entrants @MarcosRDC & @Servant.of.Allah

Well done and thank you @Virya, @king000 & others for having reached as far as you have in the challenge.

Now to catch up to my missed updates. As of the late night (in Southeast Asia) of 20th June 2024, 31 days have passed since my first post in this topic, thus 1 month is complete out of the 3 Months Purity Challenge.

I am fortunate to have been able to go through this duration quite smoothly, without any spill of seed, whether conscious or while asleep.

I attribute this to vigilance, restraint and commitment to gradual training put forth towards purifying the mind, as well as to the resonance of OUR simultaneous efforts in achieving purification.

However, I acknowledge that for me, another month without challenge cannot be guaranteed.

In the case that any unwholesome past kamma is due to bear unwholesome fruit, e.g. the sudden emergence of strong craving towards resuming old habits of sensuality, there is nothing I can do to stop the emergence.

However there is the option of not giving into it (i.e., to not delight in the fruit), while simultaneously enduring the resulting inevitable discomfort, and in doing so, stopping its effects from proliferating.

Thus, for any pain or discomfort that may arise on account of practicing restraint, I will put forth the utmost effort in enduring it, for however long it takes.

If it takes a whole day, then for the whole day I will endure it.

If it takes a month, then I will endure it for the whole month.

If it takes a lifetime, then for the rest of my life, I will endure the necessary pain and pressure of restraint.

Through not giving into the push and pull of low base desires, may they be transcended.


Thanks mate, your writing skills are great🎯


It’s very likely, and that’s the purpose of this forum.

We are here to win together.


I’m glad @ehipasyika you made it through a whole month.

I think there are 4 of us who succeeded, which is good.

Yes, it’s true that maybe you don’t succeed in the 2nd month.

It’s also possible for me to relapse, if that happens, I will continue the challenge until the end, with 1 relapse, no problem.

Let’s all continue to evolve together please guys :pray:t2:


20 June 2024
Day 31/90 completed :white_check_mark:

Second month start :smiling_face:


31/90 daily check in

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Completed 7 days…

7 days is not big achievement but want to share how I completed 7 days because for me 5 days also too difficult to complete.

I was watching dr K video on dopamine detox he mentioned so many important points which may help us in our journey but the one point I think because of that I was relapsing every time… that was doing high dopamine activity…

So theory is even if we avoid all triggers don’t watch anything which provoke us but if do something which release more dopamine for eg playing games or watching something on ott platform or tv which release more dopamine… after that activity ur brain don’t like to do any low dopamine activity… it’s boring to do any low dopamine activity… so whats the highest dopamine activity for addicts likes us… yes watching **** and fapping… we can’t control our brain on that moment he want that High dopamine and we end up with relapsed…

So this time I avoided all high dopamine activities if you want to watch ur favourite show watch with family and only 1 episode at time… remove everything from mobile games… social app… everything. go outside… talk with people… do workout… read books… go on walk listen audio book… there are so many low dopamine activities you can do… and if you don’t want to do anything just sit and listen old songs or sleep…

This helps me to complete 7 days might help you too…
Thanks and best of luck guys stay strong :fire:


32/90 daily check in

Hello @Rocky101, I like your message.
I would like to tell you that I respect your efforts, I understand that it is very difficult for you.

A success of 5 days or 7 days in such conditions is honorable.

Thank you for your encouragement, because it’s difficult for everyone, and we all need to be encouraged.

Thank you for continuing to participate in the challenge despite your many desperate setbacks.

You will find the right ways for you, which will help you win.

Your courage inspires us all. :fire:

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21 June 2024
Day 32/90 completed :white_check_mark:

22 June 2024
Day 33/90 completed :white_check_mark:

23 June 2024
Day 34/90 completed :white_check_mark:

33/90 daily check in


24 June 2024
Day 35/90 completed :white_check_mark:

25 June 2024
Day 36/90 completed :white_check_mark:

We are approaching half of the challenge.

We can succeed :fire:


36/90 daily check in


26 June 2024
Day 37/90 completed :white_check_mark: