3 Months Purity Challenge

We grow together with no doubt.


That’s an interesting finding, @Virya. It is good to investigate and reaffirm the efficacy of parts of our practices. What would you recommend to a person looking to delve into Kundalini yoga?


Kundalini yoga was created for single spiritual men, so it’s perfect for you @ehipasyika.

There is a school on
youtube that teaches Kundalini yoga, which is similar to the one that Shri devi kundalini teaches me.

The problem is that according to some clairvoyants ans me too, the energies are corrupted, and the students infected by evil forces.

So I can’t recommend you to do that.

There are also the students of yogi bhajan, who broadcast his techniques on YouTube for free.

But I see with my deep vision that it is evil too.

For the moment I have no true teaching to recommend to you.

The only one I knew before was closed to the public and I lost access.

The method I am learning is a method of direct connection with the Kundalini of mother earth.

I don’t go through a filter of a religion or a guru.

I want a pure relationship.

The Kundalini of the earth is much more powerful than the sexuality of women, which is a very partial derivative, its power is extremely superior.

And she doesn’t have the many disadvantages of women.
For example, she has no ego.

The techniques are very simple, a little bellows breathing without forcing, a little alternate breathing, a little slowed or stopped breathing…

The basic postures are mainly lying postures on the back, side, stomach. Or inverted postures, or sexual postures.

All of this is dynamic, with rest
pause, with different rhythms and different energies.

Its energies can be those of animals, that of thunder, that of the earthquake, etc.
The goddess can use whatever force is necessary for my complète evolution (physical energetic emotional mental…)

Sometimes the energies are so strong that I fear that my neck will be broken, by very rapid movements. But she seems to know the limits of my body better than I do.

The energy releases are mainly from bottom to top, and from left to right.

The most important thing is invisible, it is a collaboration between me and the Goddess, often she disappears from my consciousness, and I know by intuition that she is working to cleanse my unconscious.

At the moment I am not yet ready to teach, I must first learn the real Kundalini yoga and practice it.

I have decades of experience in different yogas, that’s why I am ready for this experience.

I not only desire Nirvana (but it’s my most important goal).
I am also interested in having the fullest spiritual realization possible for an incarnated human.

For example, Gyani yogi only connect to their non-incarnate consciousness which lives in the 8th chakra, nothing else.

The bhakti yogi open the individual Divine being hidden in the center of the heart, their realization is different. But all this is incomplete.

Shri Aurobindo proposed the most complete yoga possible, I was inspired by him in particular…

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12 June 2024
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13 June 2024
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YouTube is a trap, run away!!


14 June 2024
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24 /90 daily check in

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I understand, Virya :pray: I do acknowledge that what ever a goal is, it is important to first ensure right direction (e.g. instruction, teacher, opportunity, etc.) as facing any other direction may lead one further from the intended goal.

Related to correctness of direction: In my recent contemplation, one thing I encountered was a subtle nagging feeling and I discovered that it was due to my craving for (and attachment to) higher spiritual attainment which I was unconsciously acting on through curiosity towards forms of practices other than my own. While this may seem harmless, I also saw it more appropriate for me to question it or at least the subtle intention behind my mind doing it, whether it is inline with my practice.

  • Would reaching for and achieving it lead to dispassion instead of passion?
  • Would it lead to detachment and not attachment
  • Would it lead to diminution and not accumulation?
  • to fewness of desires and not abundance of desires?
  • ...etc
I find that in my case, the subtle intention behind the craving I experienced was not based on the above, and thus, not being appropriate for me, I decided to abandon it.

In this way, I believe again our practices differ (though we have the same end goal - Nibbana), as spiritual attainments too (just as intending rebirth even in higher realms) I deem for myself inappropriate. However I maintain respect for your path. May you realize your utmost aspirations :pray::wheel_of_dharma:

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15th June 2024

26 days out of 3 Months Purity Challenge

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Your thinking is very interesting, and entirely rational.
I see that you are indeed sure of the classic Buddha Dharma of liberation from desire, attachment and suffering.
You will probably continue to progress on your path, which you have chosen, because it suits you best.
I wish you good luck brother @Ehipasyika Buddhist :pray:t2::lotus:

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15 June 2024
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Hello, you can call me Marcos, I speak Spanish. I would like to find friends to fight together against this strong weakness

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16 June 2024
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17 June 2024
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18 June 2024
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19 June 2024
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First month win :smiling_face:

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