3 Months Purity Challenge

17 days out of 90 passed. Apologies for not updating daily. I have been ramping-up solitude in order to not distract myself from my inner work and thankfully have benefitted as hoped. I am still with you all. May we all achieve purity in mind, body and speech.


I too send mine from Southeast Asia :pray:


Likewise, @Virya, your vast knowledge and experience of the path, as well as conviction and commitment to chemin de Brahma is admirable. I too seek to escape samsara (and to not be reborn again), albeit through a different and indeed more restrictive path. It is still similar in some aspects to yours, notably in practicing Brahmacharya and the in nature of our diets.

Due to the nature of my solitary practice, I especially cannot adopt some parts of it such as maithuna and directly seeking external spiritual help be it from a deva or a person as ultimately my fetters to all that is external are to be released. Otherwise as I understand it I may develop new if not maintain existing attachments that carry over beyond death. I remember reading about a respected Ajahn who was said to turn a blind eye upon recognizing his spiritual counterpart from countless lifetimes, and that example is one which I aspire to follow.

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It’s true that our paths are different, but they also have many similarities.

We want to leave samsara, and therefore detach ourselves from the bonds of samsara.

Maithuna actually creates very powerful bonds, especially if children are created.

Yes, bonds can last beyond death, but if they’re evolutionary bonds, that’s a good thing.

Some couples have reached the highest spiritual levels this way.

But it’s not compatible with your path of solitude on earth.

Gautama shakyamuni advised against asking the Deva for help.

He recommended relying on one’s own strength to evolve.

But he frequented them himself, and taught in the worlds of light, with the Deva.

He recommended spiritual friendship and satsang to his bickshu.

He also taught the non-self; I think he was talking about the incarnate persona, which is indeed an appearance.

Thera Ajahn has inspired many men around the world, including me.

Because he’s one of the only people to have practised the hermit life.
Which is what I practice today.


June 7 2024
Daily check in

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I accepted 3 months purity challenge.
Day 1


17 /90 daily check in

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5 days completed
Now it’s weekend when I relapsed most of the time…
Need to be focus this time…

And I also know if I complete this 2 days then next 5 days will be easy…

Give power brothers’ :fire:


June 8 2024
Daily check in

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You’re welcome Rahul :wave:t2:

7 June 2024
Day 18/90 completed :white_check_mark:

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18/90 daily check in …

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8 June 2024
Day 19/90 completed :white_check_mark:

9 June 2024
Day 20/90 completed :white_check_mark:

We arrive at the 20th day of the challenge. Congratulations to all runners, and thank you for continuing your sexual evolution, despite the relapses.

I think it was only me, @King000, and @Ehipasyika, who managed to make it through the first 20 days without a relapse.

So guys let’s set a good example, let’s inspire those who have fallen to get back up stronger, and continue to win together until the end of the 90 days.

It would be very good if at least 3 of us succeed in the challenge without any relapse, yes it is possible :sun_with_face:


19 /90 daily check in


20/90 daily check in

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11th June 2024, 22 days passed out of 90 days purity challenge.

Well said, @Virya.

That is exactly what our common journey is! An evolution on the individual level.

May we continue to further develop if not maintain the necessary

  • wisdom to put forth the correct effort, and
  • patience to persevere through any pain, disagreeable pressure or discomfort that may arise.

10 June 2024
Day 21/90 completed :white_check_mark:

That day during my usual Brahmamuhurta, I tried new Kundalini yoga exercises, thanks to Shri Devi inspiration :sparkling_heart:

The result was spectacular, I managed to increase my Virya a lot.

In the afternoon I noticed that everything was easier.
Discipline, digestion, the posture of my body…

My run was amazing, I was much stronger, and what I appreciated the most was that my deep dark masculine animal character came back during my run, and surprise me.

I let him roar and speak, i was very impressed :tiger2:

I’ve never heard anyone talk in french like that.

He was a very powerful, dominating tiger and very inspiring too, a charismatic leader like there were in the time of the glorious Arya :om:

So now i know that I need to free this hidden part of me have to be a complet realised man.
This is my vision :crystal_ball:


11 June 2024
Day 22/90 completed :white_check_mark:

Today is my real day number 77 :smile:

I tried a day without kundalini yoga :snake:
As a result my Virya has dropped significantly :face_exhaling:
So I conclude that Kundalini yoga is essential for me to evolve quickly.

I mainly worked on my professional project, like every day :euro:

Of course i did sports :
Hike in Brahmamuhurta fasting with 30kg :turtle:
Rowing barbels & chin up :gorilla:
Jumping in the afternoon :kangaroo:


21/90 daily check in