3 Months Purity Challenge

Thank you @ehipasyika for sharing your meditation experience.

I can understand what you describe, with my experience.


8 july 2024
Day 49/90 completed :white_check_mark:


As of July 8, 2024 2:38 PM (~20.5 hours ago), 49 successful days have passed for me.

I am glad, @Virya :pray:

Your understanding reflects and affirms my own understanding myself (which is first required to be able to communicate it).

Dream Analysis: Importance of Restraint & Alert, Perceptive Mind in Developing True Imperturbability

In my second most recent dream, I was at a friend-group outing for a short period of time. In it, I initiated a conversation with an old friend (who happened to be a woman I perceive as attractive).

This action can be interpreted as neutral on the surface, and it can indeed be acted out of neutral intentions (e.g., in the case that there is a legitimate purpose necessitating it).

However, I know better now that external acts and how they are interpreted or rationalised matters way less than the deep-set intentions which drove it. Only in hindsight (i.e., now as I am awake writing this) was I fully able to cognise that this action was driven by the unwholesome deeper mind states (deep-set intentions) of muddledness[1] and of lust, which were indeed present and enduring at that particular time and occasion.

Back to the event in the dream:

Not long after, a person who happened to be her new intimate partner approached her and they interacted in intimate ways. Jealousy arose. How jealous was I? Well, significantly in that sharp discomfort was felt, but manageable enough for me to not give in to the pressure to act out of it.

The important point is that suffering arose internally (although not strong, I perceived it as more than the amount I initially deemed necessary), which I attribute to my willingness to give in to the pressure to act out of the unwholesome deep-set intentions in the first place, thus proliferating my liability to suffer. In this case, this liability is proliferated through the side of lust - one side of the same coin of suffering which has jealousy on its other side. Additionally, it was enabled by the fact that I gave in to the pressure of the deep-set intention of (remaining-in-)muddledness, resulting in willfully ignoring the subtle signs of other deep-set intentions.

How much I’m affected by jealousy can be determined by how much I let myself be carried away by the pull of lust.

Such is the extent of which I’m liable to suffer on account of [2] not getting - in general: what is perceived as dear to me - in this specific case, the reciprocity of intimacy.

I should therefore, train myself to

  1. not give in to the deep-set intention of remaining-in-distraction/muddledness (which pressures me to ignore the realm of deep-set intentions), so that I will then be able to also simultaneously
  2. not be externally moved by any other presently enduring unwholesome deep-set intention - in this particular case - lust, in the same manner of which I am not externally moved by jealousy. Only in this manner is training on this occasion complete (i.e., attended upon from both sides), consequently eradicating the chance (in this occasion - but with effects lasting beyond it) for the wild and unwholesome spirit of my heart/mind to be fed strengthening nourishment.

Such is one aspect of purification of virtue (restraint), which after it is established, will open the door to purification of the mind (taming the mind). This would not happen before said establishment.

Purification of the mind, after it is established, will consequently open the door to purification of view (possibility of more correct and deeper understanding attributed to the more refined ability of mind to perceive). Similarly this door-opening would not happen before said establishment.

(Other step stones of the gradual training / path of purification:)

In the same way:

"…Purification of view is only for the sake of purification through overcoming doubt.

Purification through overcoming doubt is only for the sake of purification of knowledge-and-vision of what is the path and what is not the path.

Purification of knowledge-and-vision of what is the path and what is not the path is only for the sake of purification of knowledge-and-vision of the practice.

Purification of knowledge-and-vision of the practice is only for the sake of purification of knowledge-and-vision.

Purification of knowledge-and-vision is only for the sake of total Nibbāna (≈ freedom from suffering) by non-assumption…"

Middle Discourses (Majjhima Nikaya) 24 - The Relay Chariots (Rathavinītasutta)

Additional/Ending notes:

  1. In the dream, I was subtly aware of the deep-set intention of lust which was presently-enduring at that time. I realize now that this awareness - born of [3] a mind that has been developed through seclusion, restraint and introspection - AND making the choice to NOT obscure it[4] - are both important factors in functionally carrying out the Vow of Celibacy which I shared and subsequently took on a week ago, particularly where intention … no matter how subtle is concerned (which can also be said in maintaining other areas of restraint).

    Without the ability to perceive - AND the willingness to remain mindful of - the realm of deep-set intentions, I would inevitably have WRONGLY taken an external convenient rationalisation of my commited action (e.g., she’s just a friend, and this is just a friend-to-friend talk) as intention instead of correctly considering the actual deep-set intentions[5] that lie beneath all external thoughts, actions and feelings, which I now deem to be the only real “intention” in this context to be considered.

  2. Seeing now the importance of considering deep-set intentions, and the role of restraint (i.e., remaining unmoved in the face of lust, or in more general, greed), in determining imperturbability in the face of jealousy (or in more general, anger), I now have a better understanding on and thus appreciation for the 8 training rules I took on [6], particularly one part of it:

    Refraining from wearing accessories, using scents, and beautifying the body with cosmetics[7].

    Taking on this precept (training rule) can be viewed as stopping from moving in the direction of the deep-set intention of lust. As long as this deep-set intention of lust has the tendency to arise, more notably when it is too subtle for the present ability of the mind to perceive, taking on this precept will only be of benefit in the way I mentioned above [8]. Even for those with no more tendency for deep-set intention of lust to arise, there is no need to drop this precept.

  1. pressuring towards ignoring the realm of deep-set intentions, in spite of the at least subtle awareness of it ↩︎

  2. in simple terms for brevity’s sake ↩︎

  3. and further refined by further development of ↩︎

  4. This choice is always present, but the habitually distracted mind tends to give in to the pressure to obscure it, being the choice of less resistance ↩︎

  5. of lust and of staying-in-obscurity ↩︎

  6. written in one of my recent posts here which I linked ↩︎

  7. and other means, e.g., food, style, specific exercises, and so on ↩︎

  8. 2nd numbered bullet point of 3rd last paragraph prior to the Other step stones of the gradual training /path of purification section ↩︎


48/90 daily check in…


Congratulations @ehipasyika on your 100 days of brahmacharya :clap:t2:

In my sleep I have a very rich and varied life.
It would be too difficult and long to explain.

The method you use to free yourself from karma, is the method of developing consciousness.

This will one day lead you to the realization of your samsara-free consciousness.

Who lives in the 8th chakra :lotus:

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I ACCEPT YOUR 3 MONTH CHALLENGE STARTING TODAY. I will be here every week end to confirm it


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Congratulations bro to take good decision.

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Thank you this means a lot to me since im new to the community thank you.

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You are welcome, but i notice you 3 months is a long time :smiling_face:

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