2MuchCum's Diary [19 M]

I’ve decided to start a diary on here in order to motivate myself and share my NF journey with anyone who cares.

I’ve masturbated daily since I was about 12 with a deathgrip and always to porn, and realized I should cut down around 17. I’ve been trying to quit my masturbation habit for about 2 years, with my longest streak being about 16 days. I have PIED and a recent embarrasing sexual experience has led me to become more serious about it.

I plan to reply with a new entry every 3-5 days. My goal is to make it to about 100 days before I tell a doctor about my ED issues. if anyone has any tips or comments, feel free to reply or PM me!

Day 11:
As of today I am 11 days in, which is my longest streak since last August and one of my longest streaks since I learned about NF. I had a mini flatline until about day 5 when I got strong urges every day, with my libido back in full force. Today it completely dissapeared. No morning wood or erections all day, with no urges or libido. Maybe this is the start of a real, longer flatline, but I guess I’ll have to be patient and see.

PS: My share code is 34426a, I’m open to any companions


Day 13:

Decided I’ll just update this whenever I feel like it or remember to, which could be anywhere from every 1 to 7 days.

Dick is absolutely dead right now. No morning wood or erections since day 9 or so. Libido is pretty much gone, especially relative to its peak around Days 4-8. Lots of boredom and depression which may have something to do with NF but I got other things going on at the moment which are probably bigger factors.

I hate hate hate flatlines. They’re very concerning. Makes me ask if I’ll ever get a boner again lmao. What’s everyone else’s experience with flatlines?

Day 14:

Libido slightly returned today, but nothing crazy. Still no erections but also no strong urges to relapse. Sleep has been better the past few days which helps fight urges personally.

Day 16:

Libido back to nothing. No erections. Never been in a flatline this long, I’m very concerned.

Day 19:

On the morning of Day 18 something crazy happened…I had the first wet dream of my entire life. Dreamt that I was fucking a girl, woke up when I orgasmed with a boner and a pair of underwear full of jizz.

I’m half amazed that I finally got one (just thought I wasn’t the type of person to ever have them) and half annoyed that I orgasmed. I guess technically I should reset based on hard mode, but I don’t consider it a relapse.

Maybe my brain is already rewiring away from porn and masturbation and focusing more on real sex. That would be a huge step towards fixing my ED.

Oh yeah, this is now officially the longest I’ve gone without jacking off in about two years, probably longer. Nothing to do but keep going.

Nocturnal erections shows your ED is not organic(your organs are perfect) but your ED is due to some psychological block don’t reset your clock cause you didn’t do it consciously, you were asleep at that time. But maintain no fap streak and become active socially mix with opposite sex and talk to them , try to have a long relationship which is just restricted to kissing only nothing beyond it , then see the reaction of yourself and partner. Take this time period to build something new and good. My well wishes are with you . If you want to talk my code is 26b939

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Thanks for the advice man. I don’t know how I feel about an SO or even a hookup rn. Girls my age expect sex and I don’t want to risk another embarassment. Message me if you wanna talk man, I added you as a companion and you should follow me too

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Day 22:

Had another wet dream this morning. Similar to the last one. Libido is coming back but sleep is as bad as ever.

Day 0:

I relapsed. Im going to keep going and earn my days back. This is a minor setback in a bigger battle.

Why do you relapse? Btw add me my code is 43afdd