[29M] KarmaYogi's Victory March

This is my new diary. The diary is meant to only express and share positive things. I have written several diaries in the past. Unfortunately, all those diaries are full of pessimistic stuff. I kept on focussing only on the negative aspects of everything.

I recently read this book and several similar books that talk about the power of being positive. What we think we become, what we talk we become. We are a magnetic field and we attract similar things.

“I AM wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, free, confined were first of all impressions or conditions felt before they became visible expressions. Your world is your consciousness objectified. Waste no time trying to change the outside; change the within or the impression, and the without or expression will take care of itself. When the truth of this statement dawns upon you, you will know that you have found the lost word or the key to every door. I AM (your consciousness) is the magical lost word which was made flesh in the likeness of that which you are conscious of being.”
― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.”
― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune

Oh Gosh, when I look in retrospect, I feel being negative my whole life and therefore I have kept on attracting negative things in my life. Had I been more positive and optimistic I would have been in much better shape in my life currently.

Anyways, what has happened can’t be changed. But at least from now on, I am not gonna entertain anything negative thoughts/talks in my life anymore.
With that being said, I embark upon a new journey of my life. A journey that will undoubtedly lead me to greatness and abundance in all fields of life.

:pray: Hare Krishna


An entire month of HardMode Semen Retention is accomplished. I feel so many benefits. To name a few:

  1. My sleep quota has reduced drastically. I am able to wake up by 4:30 even if I sleep late. Sometimes I sleep at 1 AM still able to wake up at 4:30. This is just so mind-boggling. :slight_smile:
  2. My hair fall has reduced, something I notice every time I streak crosses 2 weeks.
  3. My stamina has improved again. I am able to walk few kilometres at full speed without getting tired.
  4. My voice has got a little deeper and manly.
  5. My sense of judgment and wisdom has improved.
  6. Most important of all, I just feel so good, so happy.

This all has happened even though I haven’t done any yoga, exercise, worship, or daily book reading.

PMO is no more disturbing me. I have started to despise PMO, P*** especially seems to be so disgusting to me. Going back to M****** is not even in my distant dreams. Now all I care about is to reach the zenith of success in my life by using the life force in the most constructive manner.

With 30 days being over and with the newfound surge in energy, now I am determined to channelise it for higher purposes.
My aim is to crack the interview at FAANG companies.
I am already doing great in my career, despite several setbacks. But now I am confident of reaching the pinnacle of success in the Indian IT industry and that is being at FAANG.

This requires a hell of a lot of coding and lots of interview preparation. But I am confident that a Brahmachari is not meant to achieve mediocrity he is meant to achieve greatness, he is meant to transcend average and that’s exactly my purpose of living for the next 6 months.

Remember you only live once, so why live a life of mediocrity???

That is the great fact which you ought to remember. We are the children of the Almighty, we are sparks of the infinite, divine fire. How can we be nothings? We are everything, ready to do everything, we can do everything, and man must do everything.

Swami Vivekananda

Have faith that you are all, my brave lads, born to do great things! Let not the barks of puppies frighten you, no, not even the thunderbolts of heaven, but stand up and work!

Swami Vivekananda

Life is too short to waste

The critic bite or cynic bark,
Quarrel, or reprimand;
'Twill soon be dark;
Up! mind thine own aim, and

God speed the mark.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you dont have anything to Die for, you dont have anything to live for

:pray: Hare Krishna.


2/09/21 :rocket:

It was a great day despite the food poisoning. I was on sick leave and recovering, couldnt do much. I needed some rest. A lot of things were going on in my mind. I thought to let it out in this forum.

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

:pray: Hare Krishna


3/09/21 :rocket:

Not a great day but certainly better than the previous ones. The food poisoning took a toll on me. I couldn’t wake up on time.

:white_check_mark: Affirmations
:white_check_mark: Gayatri Mantra Chanting
:white_check_mark: Sudarshan Kriya
:white_check_mark: Balayam
:white_check_mark: Office Work with honesty and dedication

I have tried to keep aside some time after office for studying on a daily basis. But it never works. So I thought to finish my studies first thing in the morning. So that I spend my whole day stress-free and my studies will never get hampered. From tomorrow onwards my day will start with 3 hours of solid study. This comes first and then anything else.
I have again started focussing on my core values. Something I would never compromise with
:white_check_mark: Whatever I start, I do it with full concentration and full power and don’t rest until it’s done.

:pray: Hare Krishna


Another sudarshan kriya follower nice :fire:
I also practice it everyday


U don’t know bro. But I am really happy for you. As
Seeing you get back up has made me smile . All the best bro. Keep growing . I am coming from behind.
Respect your motivation source. Don’t go down now. All the best

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Thank you so much @pingpong1, your comment literally made me a bit emotional (on the happy side).
I have struggled a lot with this addiction. I guess I am one of the oldest members on this forum.

But let the bygones be bygones. I am a changed man now. I no longer want to go back to that life. My Nofap is going great.

Now the only purpose for my life is to crack FAANG. Before my next birthday (July 30) I will be working at FAANG. I channelising my entire energy in that direction.



Took some rest today. Studied in evening.
Gonna cross my second highest streak in next couple of days


Great bro. I am really happy for you. Let’s keep going :fist_right::fist_left:


#Note to self

Alright everyone else in this thread is going to be supportive and tell you it’s never to late.

So I’ll take the hit and tell you something real that needs to be said. You’ve had problems yeah, but frankly? Literally everyone does.

You haven’t taken your life or your future seriously and as a result life itself has stopped taking you seriously.

And even right now i dont see any seed of strength or resolve in you. Self hate and feeling like you’re a loser is easy, trust me anyone can do that. Self change and actually doing something about is fucking hard.

Infact even rn I don’t think it’s a genuine desire for change and more along the lines of an oncoming mid life crisis. But I’ll give you the benefit of doubt.

I’ll say this, your life is a joke. Like seriously it sounds and probably is pathetic. Is it too late to change? You decide that.

You’re the classic definition of a fuck up rn. A loser and the only way that will change is if you accept it. In its complete brutality and promise yourself that while you maybe a loser rn but you won’t die a loser.

Learn a skill that will make you good money, go all in on that (i don’t know your education or job background but coding or sales would be two good low entry barrier skills)

Can’t stop fapping? Not watching porn isn’t the hard part. Making a life where watching porn is the least interesting thing you can do is. Most of the time guys fap because they can’t think of anything better to do and half because it’s a habit. Like any bad habit make it harder for yourself to do it. Read books atomic habits and your brain on porn. That will give you an idea.

As for friends and relationships? This might sound harsh but you won’t be makinig great relationships and awesome friends while you are a fuck up yourself. Why? Because you aren’t adding anything of value for anyone. So build yourself up and socialize while you’re doing it and you’ll find good friends and good women.

Lastly? It’s going to be fucking hard and if I’m being very honest I don’t think you’ll be able to do it. Because you’re a quiter. This will take too long and you’ll feel like shit in the beginning. So I think you’ll just go on your computer and bust another nut just to get that dopamine to escape the unending sadness and the pathetic excuse you call a life.

You’re a loser rn and no one will bet on you, certainly not me and you know what? That’s okay because you have nothing to lose and everything to win.

But the only person who will bet on you… Is you. So can you actually prove me wrong?

Your move loser


#Note to self
Thanks @raushan

I read the book once called Eat The Frog. So what this book tells that we should do our most important task first in the morning. The more we delay the more it will get delayed.

  • People who can’t decide what is the frog

Many people get confused in identifying their frog of the day. According to Brian Tracy, the frog is the most important task of the day. Eat that Frog strategy can be implemented by people who are unable to find their most significant task of the day so they can identify their frog and can solve it.

  • People who delay their tasks

Most of the time people delay their tasks including the crucial ones and as a result, they’re unable to get the most out of their lives.

  • Helps to plan your day in advance

Brain Tracy has mentioned in his Eat that Frog book that people need to write on a piece of paper that what should they do on their next day. By following this strategy of Eat that Frog technique, one can clear his mind of all confusion and can focus on what’s the most important thing that needs to be done the next day.

Eat that Frog works in a specific manner that helps people to identify their objective which as a result saves time and hassle.

  • The 80/20 rule

Eat that Frog lays emphasis on a specific type of rule known as the 80/20 rule. People should apply this rule to everything and only focus on only top 20% of their to-do list. This rule of Eat that Frog saves people from putting in all of their efforts and they’re able to get the maximum result by putting in only 20% of their effort.

  • Helps to prioritize actions

Eat that Frog develops a routine in people who tend to follow it. Eat that Frog states that you should be free of all distractions that you might think are forcing your work to be delayed.

Eat that Frog trick works in a specific way that helps people to find a suitable workplace so they can focus on their work. Moreover, by following the Eat that Frog strategy people are bound to be more attentive and productive throughout their day.

  • Be aware of the consequences

Eat that Frog helps people to consider the consequences of not doing their most important tasks of the day on time. Eat that Frog helps us to identify that what can they lose if they’re too lazy and irresponsible to complete their biggest tasks on time.

In this way, people can be aware of the consequences which as a result causes them to complete their most important work otherwise known as the frog by Brian Tracy on time with the utmost efficiency.

  • Helps to identify your ideal working hours

Eat that Frog helps people to identify their optimal working hours. Eat that Frog guarantees that people work in their best working hours so that they can unlock their full potential and can gain new heights of success in their lives.

According to Brian Tracy, the ideal working hour of a person is early in the morning. By following Eat that Frog technique you can know how to utilize your morning hours and complete your most important task of the day.

  • Urgency is the key to success

Eat that Frog works to ensure that people can create a sense of urgency in their minds related to their tasks, and activities which they think are the most important. By following this technique people can gain a sense of urgency and as a result, most of their tasks are completed before time.


Currently I am on my second highest streak. Small number but big milestone, nevertheless.

Still my day is not well organised. I need to focus there. Also, I need to work more on my weaknesses which have troubled me throughout my life. My biggest problems are:

  1. Lack of consistency. I start things with lot of enthusiasm, but I am rarely able to maintain it till the end.
  2. Impulsive. I am very impulsive, I want everything now and just cant wait. Not sure if I have some ADHD or what.
  3. Procrastination. I am quite lazy at times and have a laid back attitude.
  4. Mental chaos / chatter 24X7
  5. Being negative, talking negative and thinking that worst of things in the world will happen to me.

But I am working on these diligently. I am trying to delay my response to any stimuli. I am trying my best to do things as soon as the idea comes to my mind. Now instead of trying everything, I am building one good habit at a time. Currently my entire focus is on starting my day with 2 hours of study, daily without a miss. So far I have been very successful. Also, due to the work from home, I have the liberty to work for my office at whatever time I wish. So I am studying till lunch and then starting my office work.
Today I studied for 5 hours before starting office work. I am so encredibly proud of this. I have to continue this practice till I join FAANG and be better than 99% people in indian IT crowd.
Today’s checklist

  1. Wake up by 4:30
  2. Shambhavi Kriya in Morning
  3. 2 hours study before breakfast (Mostly solving coding problems)
  4. Studying another 3 hours between 9 to 2 pm.
  5. Office work for rest of the day.

Most importatly I need to make sure that during the entire duration of my office work and studies I am highly efficient. To ensure this I will follow the rules I had made for myself long back. I will consider my efforts as hard work only if they qualify the below criteria:

  1. I start my work with a pledge to finish my goals (goals clearly mentioned)
  2. Upright posture. Right posture during entire duration of work.
  3. Sense of urgency. Pace and efficiency.
  4. 10X involvement. Deep work / concentration

No problem brother. Glad that it helped you.

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42 days done !!

Victory March is on.

The benefits are so real. The sense of control is immense.
The last week has been disastrous yet I didn’t fap.

I did that mistake of ‘one peek’ and then I don’t remember how many hours have I wasted watching P. I was completely drowned in that world again for few days. But somehow I was very determined to not fap, come what may. So I successfully didn’t fap but wasted so much time.

From today morning I am completely clean, and trying to focus hard on my career goals.
This was the last mistake.


Nice. Don’t give in. Absorb that energy and become adjusted to it.
It’s just starting bro. Hell is waiting around 90 days.


:joy: yeah after day 80 urges again start taking a toll on you, urges are high during first 15 days and then around 90 days, and that’s the time when most of the rewiring happens, we have to just keep holding on and not give in.


Looking forward to having a great day today.

My affirmations:

  1. I am very mindful and conscious every moment. I know that every action has karma associated with it, hence I am very conscious while doing anything.
  2. I am very disciplined. I am a man of integrity. I honour all my commitments.
  3. I am the most hardworking guy among all my peers. I complete the office work of 8 hours in just 6 hours. I dedicate 6 hours daily to polish my coding skills. I am the top ranker at the coding platform. I am enjoying this process of extreme productivity. Unless I study for 6 hours I just can’t fucking sleep.
  4. I do everything now, right now. I neither think about the past nor the future, all I think about is making my day the best day of my entire life.
  5. I am extremely happy with everything that I have. I am very confident that my life is turning around very soon. By the end of the year, I will be someone I always wanted to be.
  6. I am grateful to all the Gods, Rama, Krishna, Mahadev, and my Guru. With their blessings only I am on the right track, and with their blessings, I will be among the top 1% Software Developers of India, start my own company, have a great family, be filthy rich. My qualities will attract the best of the persons to my life. I will marry a gem of a person.

Every day I live as if it was the day just before an exam. Insane efficiency, insane speed, insane sense of urgency.

Jai Shri Ram :triangular_flag_on_post:


3/09/21 :rocket:

:x: Affirmations Twice
:white_check_mark: Gayatri Mantra Chanting
:white_check_mark: Sudarshan Kriya
:white_check_mark: Balayam
:white_check_mark: Studying 6 hours

I am working really hard this time. Giving my best every day.
Spending every day as if it were a day before the exam.
:pray: Hare Krishna


On 50th day I relapsed

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Damn bro.
Get back stronger once more.

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