[29 M] : Need accountability partner

Hi There,

I am 29 M Indian married guy, I am looking for an accountability partner to succeed in the journey of Brahmacharya. I think it’s impossible to win in this battle alone.
I take up vows of celibacy, go for a month or two and finally relapse.
I have been trying for quite a long time and can’t afford to continue this habit any longer.

PS : I am quite spiritually inclined, have been following ISKCON, Swami Shivananda etc. So someone with a similar spiritual inclination would be a great partner.


Please share your companion code.

@Hardmode123 you can help him …

I think @Numero_Uno you can read this and join the guys in this topic

I hope it will help you … go on in your journey :+1:


Thanks… but the thread is locked


You can communicate with whom are intrested …

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Bro, since you are a married guy, how will you manage to follow brahmacharya? I also want to follow brahmacharya even after my marriage but most people say that it is impossible. Even if you control yourself your wife would be interested in sexual matters, right.

You can practise Gruhasta Brahmacharya, only with the consent of ypur spouse… if she agrees :+1: with you, then i’d love to be your partner…
Do read the book THE PRACTICE OF BRAHMACHARYA by Sivananda ji maharaj…
You’ll fond oy really helpful…
Radhe Radhe…

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What the Buddha told about this topic
Don’t go to the extreme path find your optimum way by hit and trial method. Bhramchraya is though the best path for a man but will it be practically possible for you? Ask yourself this question if yes then practice pure bhramchraya in a monastery away from the worldly life.
What I think is that practicing bhramchraya in it’s purest form in a monastery is the best way. But those who say no in the above question should stay where they are but have a simple life with higher thinking.
For example you wear a shirt but not for any sense of fashion you wear that shirt again. You eat food for nutrition not taste you stop consuming salt ,sugar and spices.


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