29 M Justin's diary

My urges started getting stronger today as my body is starting to realize I missed my daily PMO session last night. I didn’t wake up with morning wood immediately and at this point still not having to much of an urge to watch porn but my need to release is beginning to build. I have had an erection since I woke up this morning and it hasn’t went away yet. This would be so much easier if I could stop the erections.

My urges are becoming more frequent. I still haven’t given in to them and I am coming up on day 4 as of tonight. I am still motivated to continue even though my body wants to give in. Erections are happening more frequently, especially in the evening time.


Don’t worry, together we will win buddy :innocent:This text will be hidden

I appreciate the help. This is harder than I initially thought lol

Stay strong, find something to work on and put your mind off of it. Idle hands are never a good thing.